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kwazulu blue seeds

I hope this is the right area to post for this, But I have a few seeds popped and just wanted to get a report going on it.

I use a small boy Water Filter and have only watered the plants so far.
NO PH Alterations yet

So I chopped them down and tossed the clones i had of both plants. After I chopped them down I put them in my spare room for lack of a better place to store them. Only 1 60watt light bulb in that spare room which was turned on and off at no set light cycle. I went to go bring all of my old soil to the back when spring came. But One of those Fire Bubba plants had reverted back to Veg and continued to grow from there! NO WATER OR SPECIAL TREATMENT for 4 MONTHS! The growth on it was completely yellow with lack of nitrogen but no other signs of deficiency. I tossed in a Soil tab with the same root system and pot and have begun to lightly water. It has taken nicely and is growing quite vigorously! So Im coining this phenotype CACTUS! Obviously for its drought resistance.

Kwazulu blue seeds

Piggy-backing off what you just mentioned, these are grown on the northern side of the Drakensberg Ridge, meaning the mountainous conditions have naturally forced these genetics to adapt and grow a little more like an indica.

Thanks so much! I appreciate it. I’ve grown to love African landrace sativas

Very nice, currently growing a krinkle and two durban poison sativa based plants. looks good.

I got these from the World of Seeds seedbank. Out of 3 seeds, I only decided to sprout one (my priority this round were popping multiple phenos of another strain).

About my experience with them: