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ksmorz seeds

Ksmorz seeds

On the other hand PCS1, used as a parent. It is a refinement of one of the best Og Kush strains in the market, where its structure has been greatly improved, featuring a well-branched Og, easier to grow and maintaining intact its organoleptic properties in the pure Kush style as well as its high psychoactive power.

After the first flowers emerge, Ksmorz reduces its vigour and although it continues to grow, it does so more slowly. From the 4th week onwards it ceases to develop and the plant’s energy is focused on the bud production. It delivers compact, highly resinous flowers that emanate a powerful gasoline aroma along with an Og base that requires the use of anti-odour systems such as carbon filters or others systems such as the Neutralizer.

Ksmorz ancestors, Zookies x PCS1

Alchimiaweb is pleased to present Ksmorz by Prolific Coast Seeds, a regular marijuana plant developed from the cross between Zookies and PCS1. It is a balanced hybrid between Indica and Sativa worlds that delivers a powerful effect and an excellent flavour.

Kmorz, vigorous, powerful and delicious

Kmorz is a regular strain that offers vigorous and ramified growth with ease of management. It responds well to pruning as well as to different substrates, whether soil, coconut or hydroponic cultivation systems.

Ksmorz seeds

Heavy yielding strain great for making extracts.

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