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key lime remedy seeds

One bite out of this chocolate, lime, and mint hybrid will have you hooked for life. Key Lime Pie marijuana seeds offer a nighttime strain that packs a powerful punch in the relaxation department.

You don’t have to live in Key West — or anywhere near Florida, for that matter, to buy Key Lime Pie marijuana seeds. If you’re wondering if the strain matches the name in terms of smell, favor, and taste, you’d be correct. Smoking this 75/25 indica-dominant hybrid essentially feels like you’re digging your fork into a slice of key lime pie. At first, you’ll notice hints of chocolate and mint come through. The citrus of the lime unexpectedly shows itself on the exhale.


If the flavor profile of Key Lime Pie hasn’t hooked you yet, then how about its strong nighttime punch? Some smokers confuse Key Lime Pie for a milder strain because of its obvious sweet side — but don’t be fooled. This hybrid packs a serious punch to help users combat pain (namely arthritis), anxiety, and PTSD.

Therefore, Key Lime Pie is often prescribed to medical patients dealing with high-stress levels and overall nervousness in a variety of settings. As an indica-dominant hybrid, Key Lime Pie marijuana seeds are best saved as a nighttime smoke. This hybrid promotes relaxation before fatigue, but it can still help users with insomnia get the much-needed rest they deserve.

Key lime remedy seeds

Took a little more than some others, but I got a nice relaxing high while still feeling functional. I saw someone say it felt more sativa than indica. I’d agree. No anxiety or racing heart at all though.

Picked up on a sale at Natures Care. I’m a low tolerance occasional smoker and have been intrigued by the strains that have cbd. This one did not disappoint me.

I love Dosidos and Mac for a knock out evening, but this still gets me feeling great. Easy to be social too.