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jamaican dream seeds

NUTRITIONAL NEEDS: It works well with medium levels of fertilisers, yet it also admits higher levels of nutrients.

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The Jamaican Dream feminized cannabis seeds born from a selection of Jamaican landrance seeds which result is the fastest Sativa in the market, so it can be harvested with only 42-45 days of flowering, after the growin phase.

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Nosotros acá en europa utilizamos un bacilo que se llama bacillus thurienguiensis, es completamente ecológico.
Si estás en crecimiento puedes usar algún insecticida especcífico para oruga pero nunca debes usar en químicos en floración.
Acá el bacillus lo encontramos en polvo para diluir en agua , y se usa una vez por semanas. Espero que en Chile puedas encontrar algo parecido o igual.

The luxury of having a Sativa-effect plant, Indica looking, and with a flowering phase of 42 days, and without giving up great yields. A Jamaican luxury.


TASTE: Mildly sweet

EFFECT: Sativa-like and energetic. Day use