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izozki seeds

Izozki seeds

Best Sativa Outdoor
1st place: Seed Stockers – Thunder Banana
2nd place: Cannasweeds – Petrol Tini
3rd place: Greenhouse Seeds – Banana Krumble

Mostly Indica
1st place: Kushman Nr1
2nd place: De Kroon 420
3rd place: Skyth

1st place: Skyth
2nd place: Terrence
3rd place: Lume Extracts

Triangle Farms is a 6th generation family farm and is one of the most diverse farms on the West Coast of the United States. We produce turf, forage and native grass seeds as well as legume, native, wildflower, forbs, garden flower, herb, cover crops and pollinator seeds for wholesale and government agencies throughout the world.

Triangle Farms also offers seed cleaning. Our seed cleaning facility can handle a capacity, in seed lot sizes, from a few pounds to over 55,000 pound lots under a broad range of conditions. This experience and open-minded attitude has helped this family endure and adapt to our changing World’s markets.

Triangle Farms is located in the foothills of the Cascade Mountain Range at the edge of the fertile Willamette Valley near Silverton, Oregon. The Willamette Valley is one of the most diverse and prime agricultural areas in the world, producing over 200 different commodities. The Oregon climate excels in producing cool season grasses and Christmas trees. This area is known for the high quality products that are produced here (Oregon Grown).