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is it legal to grow marijuana in california 2021

If you run, work for or want to start a cannabis business, it’s important that you understand DCC’s regulations.

Cannabis businesses also have to follow the same rules that other businesses in California must follow. For example, there are rules in the statutes about waste disposal, protecting the environment, vehicle registration and paying taxes.

The main statute for cannabis businesses in the Business and Professions Code. It is called the Medicinal and Adult Use Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act (MAUCRSA). MAUCRSA sets up a basic framework for licensing, oversight and enforcement.

We have resources to help you understand the requirements:


DCC was formed by merging three state cannabis programs. This requires changes to combine the three regulations into one. This will make it easier for businesses, local governments and the public to understand the law.

The cannabis industry is strictly regulated to make sure:

There are also statutes that set rules for people using cannabis in California. The Health and Safety Code has a section on cannabis with:


DCC makes regulations for cannabis businesses. These regulations specify:

Statutes, regulations and ordinances are all types of laws that work together to set rules for businesses and consumers.

Is it legal to grow marijuana in california 2021

The crime is punishable by:

The court is supposed to:

4. Does a conviction affect gun rights?

Sometimes a conviction in California can result in a non-citizen being either:

Medical marijuana patients and their primary caregivers may cultivate up to:

5.2. Hash belonged to someone else

There are three crimes related to the unlawful cultivation of pot. These are: