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hydroponic cannabis growing tips

Hydroponic cannabis growing tips

Finally, add your seeds or clones to the grow medium in your net pots and start the pump. Pay special attention to the health of the plants, especially during the first few weeks, and adjust nutrient levels as needed. Check the water regularly (adding when necessary) and change it out every two to three weeks, before transitioning from vegetation to flower (because these nutrition needs are different), or any time there are nutritional concerns. We recommend using room temperature water that has sat out for at least 24 hours to allow any chlorine and fluoride to dissipate first.

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W e’ve talked a lot about the intricacies of soil grows – how to prepare the soil, when to water plants, why companion planting is great for pest control – but one subject we haven’t touched on as much is an alternative cultivation method called hydroponics. This water-based cultivation practice is great for many reasons and not nearly as intimidating as it sounds.

Lastly, determine the best grow lights for your space and budget if you choose to grow indoors. This in addition, of course, to cannabis seeds or clones though bear in mind that when growing hydroponically, clones tend to stand up better than the alternative both literally and figuratively.

Extra Step: If using a water pump, puncture holes throughout the length of tubing using a push-pin then wrap the tubing around the base of the tub ensuring that the pump stays submerged the whole time.

Hydroponically-grown cannabis will show signs of nutrient burn much more quickly than soil grows and must be rectified quickly to spare the crop. The best way to combat nutrient problems in a hydroponic grow is to flush the sick plants with fresh water (make sure the pH balance is between 5.5 and 6.5 using testing strips and a pH balancing solution) then start them again in water with a lower nutrient concentration.

Hydroponics is a soil-less cultivation practice that uses nutrient-rich, pH-balanced water to grow plants. The technique is especially beneficial for those with limited space because it does not require large amounts of soil for root growth and expansion. Other benefits of hydroponic cultivation include a quicker grow period, larger harvests, and reduced interference from pests and weeds.

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Setting Up a Hydroponic Cannabis Grow

It’s easy to make a hydroponic grow setup at home using only a few cheap supplies, the first of which is a waterproof tub (like a plastic tote with a lid) which can be purchased for around $10 at your local department store. You’ll also need special hydroponic pots called net pots with a diameter somewhere between four and six inches as well as a grow medium to provide the support, both of which can be purchased at your local garden supply store or on Amazon for a few bucks each. Special hydroponic nutrients (which are basically standard 3-3-3 nutes plus additional micronutrients) can also be purchased from these distributors.

Plants can more readily absorb nutrients in a hydroponic grow because the nutrients (or “nutes”) are delivered directly to the plant roots. This can be a great thing and gives plants exactly what they need when they need it instead of forcing them to “look” for the nutrients in the soil. This allows the plants to use their energy to grow large and produce beautiful buds, however, this can also prove to be a challenge should the balance of nutrients be off.

Hydroponic cannabis growing tips

Controlling the hydroponic nutrient solution is important. You will need to know, use and understand pH and EC meters. You will also have to calibrate them regularly and have spares just in case one of your meters starts to deliver inaccurate readings. Remember, with hydroponics, if you set pH or EC incorrectly you can damage the entire crop irreversibly and very quickly.

Equipment needed for a hydroponic grow

If you are perhaps more experienced with hydroponics you may want to think about trying to build a simple hydroponic system for cannabis. A hydroponic cannabis set up will require a basic shopping list of components.

Average cost of growing with hydroponics

You may also need 1-2 floods per night if you are in bloom (therefore you have 12 hour darkness periods) or during a warm summer. Also please note that a ‘day’ refers to the