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how to stop weeds growing through new turf

Some of the nasty weeds though, like docks, plantains, thistles and nettles can be present in the soil underneath your lawn and they’ll push through the turf like ladies at a jumble sale. (Sorry girls, but we’ve all done it!)

The grass roots can push down through the fabric, but no weeds can’t grow up through the membrane. Your new lawn will be able to flourish without weeds growing with it.

Imagine this. You’ve decided to replace your weed infested lawn with some lovely new turf. You work hard to prepare the soil and buy the best turf you can afford. For 2 weeks it looks beautiful. Then, just when you think you’ve cracked it you spot a dock leaf in the lawn, then another, and another and Grrrrrrr! After all that effort and expense, you’re back to square one. Can you imagine how you’d feel? How can you be sure that you can stop weeds from invading your new lawn? Fear not! There are methods to prevent weeds from growing in your lawn.

Block weeds with landscaping fabric

Feed regularly is the best medicine for your lawn. When your lawn is stressed out, it has a higher chance of being taken over by weeds. Another tip to preventing weeds is to mow higher. Weed seeds, like all plants, require sunlight to sprout. The next time you mow, raise your mower height so your grass looks fuller and the weeds don’t get a chance to grow.

Simply prepare the soil as normal then, working from laying boards, spread a single layer of landscaping fabric on top of the soil. Your new turf can be laid directly onto the landscaping fabric and watered well.

How do weeds get in your lawn?

If you’re replacing a lawn like this with some new turf, be sure to take precautions to ensure the weeds don’t re-appear.

There is no guaranteed solution to the problem of weeds in your lawn. But you can take preventative measures.

How to stop weeds growing through new turf

How can I rid of them? I know that potential weed killers might harm the new grass. I’ve also seen the weed puller tools but again. holes in the new lawn?

Can someone please help

Recently bought a house so have now entered into the world of gardening but I am having some difficulty.


Just had a new lawn laid just over 2 weeks ago. before this it was just mud with weeds (new build). The grass has been watered and looks as if it is bedding in well BUT we have weeds!

You don’t weed and feed a new lawn for 12 months. It takes that long for a new lawn to bed in and form the root systems necessary to cope with a weed and feed. You’re on a new build and that’s a potential problem for a lawn anyway. Let it settle first, keep it well watered and cut on a high cut in about 2 weeks. Turf will often contain weeds, so don’t panic. You won’t get a picture perfect lawn in two weeks unless you pay premium prices for turf and you get perfect growing conditions. Even then it’ll take six to eight weeks before it’ll look half way decent and natural. Mowing will keep weeds in check till you can apply a weed and feed. I just hope you won’t one of the people who are unlucky enough to experience problems with lawns laid by developers and builders.

How to stop weeds growing through new turf

Update 2 – Location and habits

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Also, there are patches where what looks like grass grows really fast, while the rest stagnates.

Spring for the organic matter content test ($5 at umass I think). Sounds like your soil is low in organic matter and a test should confirm. Budget to get about 1-3 yards of compost delivered per 1,000 sq ft to help improve your soil. You can till it in to work it into the existing soil or just lay it on top (when you’re done with the other prep) and it will work down into the soil slowly over time with rain and insects. If you do rototill you’ll probably wind up with uneven soil after everything settles and will probably expose new weed seeds that were too deep to germinate previously