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how to stop weeds growing in concrete cracks

How to stop weeds growing in concrete cracks

Dig out as much of the weed as possible before cleaning out any remaining dirt or debris from the crack with water and a stiff wire brush. Allow the concrete to dry before continuing.

Pack the crack tightly with sand before filling it with a quick-drying joint sealant. Cut the sealant’s tip and insert it directly into the crack. Squeeze the product into the crack and overfill to allow for the shrinkage that occurs after drying.

Aside from being aesthetically unpleasant, weeds poking through sidewalks pose several threats to your asphalt, and family. If left unattended, the weeds will thrive, grow and can eventually create severe concrete deformations and heaving, which is only mended by tearing out the slab. Larger weeds are also tripping hazards, and will continue to reemerge after countless applications of herbicides. Manually eradicate the weeds before prepping the cracks and applying a quick-drying joint sealant.

Spray the weeds with a 5-percent acetic household vinegar. Concentrate the spray on the weeds, reapplying several times over a two- to three-day period or until the weed tops and roots are dead.

Allow the crack sealer to dry for 12 to 24 hours, or according to the package directions. Examine the crack and reapply, if necessary, to fill any remaining small holes or voids in the hardened product.

How to stop weeds growing in concrete cracks

One warning about salts: Concrete is vulnerable to spalling when exposed to salt for extended periods of time.

However, this is usually caused by de-icing salts, which tend to be applied relatively often. The nature of this project doesn’t call for the slab to be salted more than once or twice.

3) Chemical Pesticides

Sheep and cows might be among the most accessible alternatives, although you should be careful not to bite off more than you can chew when picking your new pet.

It’s made from shredded up old tires and other processed rubber sources. When made into a mulch, placed over soil, they make conditions completely unlivable for most plants.

4. Homemade Weed Killer (Vinegar, Salt & Dish Soap)

This is the best option at your disposal. Despite appearances, it’s actually quite difficult for weeds to push up through the concrete.