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how to start growing weed in oklahoma

How to start growing weed in oklahoma

Baker would know. From the time he planted his first marijuana plant at 13, he’s been all about growing weed. A dream formed in the Georgia fields took him to Humboldt County, California — the nation’s earliest pot epicenter — then Colorado, the country’s first recreational market.

Lax regulation and low barriers to entry have triggered cannabis’s explosive growth in Sooner State

But after being diagnosed with a form of blood cancer, the doctor told him to try cannabis. The cancer caused Moon to feel burning sensations in his hands and feet, but he realized that smoking and taking edibles would make the pain disappear.

“We’re not going to tolerate it”

But without the regulator framework, “it makes it challenging for a compliant business like us to truly succeed,” said Seth Wiggins, the company’s president.

BODINE: For Tom Whitaker, a water district manager in Wynnewood, Okla., meeting the growers’ demand for water comes down to resources.

LOGAN PLEASANT: These growers are using as much power as a small city.

BODINE: Meanwhile, local utility managers will have to make hard decisions about how to allocate limited resources to meet growing demand.

WHITAKER: Because if I start pumping – overpumping, I start robbing from my neighbor over here, and then he don’t have any water. And then pretty soon, nobody has water.