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how to prevent weeds from growing in flower beds

How to prevent weeds from growing in flower beds

And don’t use it where you’re planting annuals.

If your flower bed is completely overrun with weeds, consider using a non-selective weed killer with the active ingredient Glyphosate, Rubert says.

Cut an X where each plant will tuck through.

But when you yank a weed by hand, it often breaks off, leaving the root behind. That means it will quickly re-sprout.

Pre-emergent Weed Killer

But this isn’t your best option if there are a lot of existing perennials or shrubs. The weed killer will kill them, too.

“Staple” the fabric every few feet with big landscape staples you push in with your fingers.

“You’ll be digging up annual beds a lot,” she says. “You might have to weed a little bit, but annual beds will get thick pretty fast, so weeds aren’t much of an issue.”

Weeding by Hand

But don’t use weed barrier fabric if you’ll be planting bulbs, Rubert says. They won’t come up through it.

“These aren’t a solid option,” Rubert says.

How to prevent weeds from growing in flower beds

There is no easy way to prevent weeds from growing in your flower beds, plain and simple. The more you pull them, the more there are. Within weeks of tearing them out of your flower beds they are back again, intruding on all your hard work of making your flower beds look fabulous and serene.

Sustaining an entirely weed-free flowerbed and garden may not be possible, but with addressing the issues right away and taking the proper steps to diminish future weed growth, anyone can reduce the time spent weeding. From the good old-fashioned way of weeding by hand to the hardware store weed killer, there are quite a few ways to stop weeds from growing in your flower beds.

Weeds can ruin the most beautiful flower bed in your yard. So much so that it’s all you can see even with being surrounded by the gorgeous flowers you have planted. The countless hours we spend in our garden each year picking weeds can easily make you crazy. It’s like groundhogs day every time you go to weed your flower beds.

Purchasing a fabric barrier to prevent weeds in your flower beds is the best way to prevent them from growing. Do not use plastic, as this will allow for the weeds to break through and will cause you to be right back at square one again. The right fabric weed barrier will suffocate the soil of sunlight and will stop the weeds from growing underneath it and keeps the seeds from germinating the soil. If and when the weed does penetrate through, their roots have no soil base because of this fabric, leaving it much easier to pull the weed by hand.

Slowly Grab and Pull Weeds From the Roots

When trying to prevent weeds from growing in your flower beds, you will need water to help with pulling the weeds more easily from the root. Weeds are easier to grab when the soil is wet, so make sure to water the area slightly before grabbing those weeds!

Have you ever wondered why big pots of flowers never seem to grow weeds but your beautiful flowerbeds do? Flowers in pots are planted close together and flowers in your flowerbeds are spaced carefully throughout in a large bed. This is a problem. To help prevent weeds from growing in your flower beds, plant your flowers close together, allowing for the weeds to not break through in open spaces. Any open space gives weeds an opportunity to germinate, thus sprouting weeds more often.

If you let your weeds tower over your flowers, you will have a very rough time removing the weeds from your flower beds. When weeds are small, their roots are much weaker, making it much easier to remove them by hand. If you commit to doing a really quick run-through of your flower beds three to four times a week, it will only take a few minutes to pull any weeds very easily, allowing you to prevent weeds from growing deeper in the flowerbed.

Mulch Much?

There are two types of weed killers: pre-emergent and post-emergent. When you see your flowerbed overflowing with weeds, any weed killer (post-emergent) can be purchased at your local hardware store with the active ingredient called glyphosate. But be very careful how you use this weed killer because they can ruin your existing shrubs and perennials! You also should take the proper precautions with wearing gloves and protective eyewear, as these products are not the safest for your skin. A pre-emergent weed preventer that can help reduce weeds in your flower beds is an awesome and inexpensive way to prevent weeds when the seeds haven’t been germinated yet. These products, Preen or Snapshot, can also be purchased at your local hardware store. Contender’s Tree and Lawn Specialists uses Glufisonate, the best replacement for Glyphosate which works in the same manner performing exactly as it should.

We all are tempted to reach down and give the weed a sharp pull hoping to get rid of the weed quicker. Don’t do it! We have all done it and it is the absolute worst way to remove weeds. Instead, if we grab each weed individually at its base and then slowly pull at it, the weed will easily be removed from the soil allowing for better results of preventing more weeds in your flower beds and surrounding areas.