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how to mix soil for growing weed

How to mix soil for growing weed

Bad Cannabis Soil
This soil is muddy, clumpy and waterlogged. It retains too much moisture, which makes it really easy to overwater your plants.

Good Cannabis Soil
Rich and light composted soil. Since this soil doesn’t have a lot of perlite, it’s a good choice for a grower who doesn’t want to add a lot of extra nutrients or supplements in the water.

Coco Coir

More About Common Amendments to Alter Texture, Drainage & Water Retention of Soil

If you are willing to keep transplanting to bigger pots as your plant uses up the nutrients in the soil, you don’t need to supplement with extra nutrients. However, even if you grow in the same pot from seed to harvest, Fox Farm offers a complete nutrient system that is also formulated for plants like cannabis and goes perfectly with their soil to make sure your plant is getting the right levels of nutrients throughout its life.


Example of “Good” Cannabis Soil Ingredients

Example of happy marijuana plants in good soil!

Bad Cannabis Soil
Don’t use dirt from outside! It almost never works, especially if it looks like this!

How to mix soil for growing weed

Composting your own soil is an investment that may reward you in both quantity and quality when harvest time arrives. To get started you’ll need:

Once you’ve watered the mix, it’s time to bake it in the sun as you would do if you were making a compost. The cooking process breaks down all the component ingredients and prepares the soil for successful planting. As with generic super soil recipes, since you’ve added nutrients, there will be no need to fertilize. Simply transfer the Subcool super soil into large pots that can hold up to 10 gallons and start planting.

Disadvantages of super soil

After the ingredients are thoroughly blended, add in enough water for the mix to be moist but not soaking wet. This action helps activate the microbial activity that makes organic soil so potent.

For a slight twist on the standard super soil recipe above, consider Subcool’s. This popular recipe has been around for more than two decades and is known among organic cultivators as one of the best mixes for growing top-shelf marijuana . Rock phosphate and humic acid are two notable components in Subcool’s recipe. To make a large batch of your own Subcool super soil, you will need the following ingredients:

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In the wild, cannabis plants grow freely like weeds. In a controlled environment, cannabis growth is altered and sometimes diminished depending on the quality of the soil used and any inorganic materials it may contain. But with super soil, you can mimic a wild environment to make your cannabis plants more fertile. Think of super soil as the closest possible growing medium to Mother Nature. Super soil is sometimes referred to as living soil because of how it recreates a natural growth environment for marijuana. This means less work for you as a cultivator, along with the potential for a larger yield of cannabis.