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how to make weed grow box

How to make weed grow box

The easiest ways of making it are with a metal (wood or plastic) structure and a plastic sheet covering it, or building a closet-like structure with plywood.

3. Building your own indoor grow step-by-step

The result of your DIY grow tent or grow box should be something similar to this:

Calculating power capacity

220V x 15A = 3300W

Not everyone has access to a suitable and secure plot of outdoor land. That’s why many gardeners will opt to grow their plants indoors, instead. But top-quality cannabis can’t be grown like an ordinary houseplant. The flowering time for most cannabis plants is dependent on a long period of darkness, so you’ll want to give them their own dedicated area. Many home gardeners use an extra room or closet, but if you can’t spare that kind of space, a grow box may be the answer.

Grow for It!

A grow box is a small enclosed space that provides an ideal environment for the plants growing inside. It’s similar to a grow tent, which is kind of like a grow box’s less sturdy cousin. A grow box can fit in a cabinet, container, or any similar item or space with an open interior and at least one side that opens for easy access.