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how to legally grow marijuana for dispensaries

How to legally grow marijuana for dispensaries

The license has a $20 annual fee. You may apply for a new license or renew an existing license using the eStop Business Licenses Service.

Topical products may contain no more than 6% THC and no more than 800 mg of THC per package.

Who do I contact for additional information about applying for or managing an Alternative Nicotine or Vapor Products Retail License?

No, except that providers licensed under the Montana Medical Marijuana Program may sell marijuana and marijuana products to registered cardholders in the program.

Will medical marijuana and recreational marijuana be available at the same business?

We understand COVID-19 impacts all aspects of our community. Throughout this event, we will work hard to keep you updated on the impact COVID-19 has on taxation, alcoholic beverage control, and property assessment.

It’s your responsibility to learn the laws of the province or territory you are going to, before you travel. If you use cannabis, follow the laws in the jurisdiction where you are.

Cannabis for medical purposes will continue to be legal if you are:

The Cannabis Act also protects public health and safety by:

At home

These products are subject to strict regulations, to address their unique public health and safety risks.

We fund community-based and Indigenous public education and research initiatives.

In addition, the Cannabis Act prohibits:

Funding for cannabis public education and research

You may not sell the cannabis you grow at home to others.

Review your provincial and territorial guidelines. Also check your municipality’s website for local information.