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how to keep weeds from growing in gravel driveway

How to keep weeds from growing in gravel driveway

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The pros;

Weeding gravel by hand.

Always check Strength actually is 360g/l when buying concentrated Glyphosate weed-killer from other sources.

Cons; Because Vinegar is a disinfectant it kills beneficial bacteria in your soil sterilising the soil for up to two years, could be a problem if you want to plant in it any time soon.

Do weed suppressant fabrics work? the pros and cons

Corkscrew weeder Takes the backache out of weeding gravel. Ideal for removing tap-rooted weeds growing through weed suppressant fabric, simply screw the steel spiral through the gravel into the ground and pull. lifetime guarantee

How to keep weeds from growing in gravel driveway

We recommend you use a very strong weed killer, that kills down to the roots. Glyphosate based weed killers are best and will kill anything it touches.

How can I prevent them?

My garden was completely overrun with weeds of all varieties, and the paths and drive had weeds coming through cracks and around the edges. I find this product extremely easy to use, just spray it on the problem areas and in a couple of weeks the weeds have died, be careful not to get it on to your lawn because it’ll kill that too!

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Use a strong weedkiller when the weeds appear and if possible spread salt across the gravel a few times per year.