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how to harvest joe pye weed seeds

How to harvest joe pye weed seeds

Eupatorium purpureum, or Joe-pye weed as most people know it, is far from an unwanted weed to me. This attractive plant produces pale pink-purple flowers that last from midsummer through fall. It’s a great addition to nearly any garden and a must have for wildlife lovers, attracting a multitude of butterflies with its sweet nectar. Growing Joe-pye weed flowers is a wonderful way to bring a little bit of nature to your backyard.

What are Joe-Pye Weed Flowers?

There’s little maintenance involved with Joe-pye weed care. The plant does enjoy regular, deep watering and will withstand heat and drought fairly well when the soil is kept moist or shade is provided. A layer of mulch will help retain moisture levels too.

Growing Joe-Pye Weed

For those that don’t have this wildflower presently growing on your property, you can usually find them in nurseries and garden centers. However, many of these Joe-pye weed plants are sold as E. maculatum. This type has more foliage and the flower heads as its wild counterpart. ‘Gateway’ is a popular cultivar for home gardens as it is a somewhat shorter variety.

How to harvest joe pye weed seeds

But when you’re growing in poor or average soil in a garden bed, they will benefit from a side dressing of compost or an application of slow-release fertilizer. Do this chore in early spring, as the perennials are sending up new shoots.

When you’re employing joe-pye in your garden or landscape, if you have space and can keep the plants moist, the best uses are limited only by your imagination.

Pruning and Maintenance

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To transplant, prepare the bed as you would for seeds or divisions.

Quick Reference Growing Guide

Water it in and apply a couple of inches of pesticide- and herbicide-free mulch in a circle a couple inches away from the stem, to keep the soil moist until the plant gets established.