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how to harvest butterfly weed seeds

How to harvest butterfly weed seeds

Amy Andrychowicz says

Thank you for the information on how to harvest butterfly weed seeds! Have a beautiful orange plant and want more!

Dot Zimmerman says

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When do you plant the seeds in NE Ohio?

Amy Andrychowicz says

Amy Andrychowicz says

What To Do With Butterfly Weed Seeds After Harvesting

I have a question. I was gifted with a bag of seed pods. They are still green. Can I leave them in the paper bag and will they dry out and be ready for planting? Sorry to be so dumb. I’m ;hoping they will dry out and I will be able to have wonderful butterfly bushes galore….to go along with my crocosmia plants.

If the pods are still green, then the butterfly weed seeds might not be viable. But it’s worth a try. If you have several of them, I would try cutting open a few of the green ones, removing the seeds, and letting those dry out. Then I would also try drying a few of the seed pods until they turn brown and brittle, then open them to collect the seeds. Good luck!

Germination Ease: Stratify 4 Weeks

Latin Name: Asclepias tuberosa

Review By seed grower

Stratification: Cold/Wet for 4 Weeks

Good first year growth

I planted these late spring, and still got some good growth. At the end of summer, they’re starting to look pretty hardy. I even got a couple blooms, which is uncommon for first-year butterfly weed. I even found a couple monarch caterpillars hanging around!