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how to grow weed outside in texas

Me too. I’ve just been keeping mine inside. We’ve been between 103 – 107 virtually everyday. We hit 109 once. It doesn’t bother me at all I’m a native. But I didn’t want to take a chance with the girls. The one I wanted most to grow outside is a Mekong High which I’ve read can reach 15 feet + – but I’ve just decided to turn her this way and that. I’m fixing to have to start soon too because she’s growing inches a day now, leaving the other girls in the dust.

Thanks for updating – maybe we’ll get a bite from an experienced Texas grower if we put the thread at the top on occasion.

While some plants thrive in their native soils, which are usually one of the compositions listed above, cannabis plants are best grown in soil that includes a combination of the three consistencies above—this mixture is known as loam.

However, plants grown in pots, buckets, or barrels will likely be smaller than those planted in the ground because their root growth is restricted to the size of the container. In a broad sense, the size of the pot will determine the size of the plant, although it’s possible to grow large plants in small containers if proper techniques are used.

In general, 5-gallon pots are a good size for small-to-medium outdoor plants, and 10-gallon pots or larger are recommended for big plants. Regardless of size, you’ll want to protect the roots of your plants from overheating during warm weather, as pots can quickly get hot in direct sunlight. This will severely limit the growth of your plants, so be sure to shade your containers when the sun is high in the sky.

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Sandy soils

Cannabis plants require a large amount of nutrients over their life cycle, mainly in the form of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. How much you need to add to your plants will depend on the composition of your soil.

Garden plot: Probably the most common outdoor growing spot, many will plant cannabis alongside other growing veggies.

Buying the right soil for an outdoor cannabis grow

The sky’s the limit with outdoor plants—you can let them get as big and tall as you want, as long as they’re manageable. One plant can potentially yield between a half-pound and full-pound of dried weed! Growing a handful of hands for yourself is more than enough. With an indoor grow, your space is a lot more restricted.

Once you have an understanding of the climate in your area, you’ll need to consider a few things before planting your weed.