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how to grow weed indoors without getting caught

How to grow weed indoors without getting caught

Rule 5: Avoid House Guests

If someone isn't growing with you in a place you share, they shouldn't know about the grow. Simple as that.

In response to the need for more tutorials aimed at new growers, Nebula co-founded in 2010 with fellow grower Sirius Fourside.

A newly popular type of cannabis grow light, LECs (despite the similar name, they're completely different from LEDs), have the benefit of producing a white-colored light that can appear less suspicious to an outsider than the harsh yellow light of HPS or the purple/pink-tinted light of most LEDs. LECs are performing surprisingly well for growing cannabis, and as a bonus, the crisp, white light makes it easier to take nice pictures of your plants.

What could be better, right?

This guide to buying marijuana seeds online will describe exactly how to maintain privacy and choose the right seed bank:

Small LED panels, 315 LECs, 250W HPS and CFL bulbs are relatively low-heat grow lights which can still produce many ounces of great bud. They work especially well when one is growing a few plants in a relatively small space, though these smaller-sized grow lights generally aren't suitable for huge grow operations (where you'd want full-size versions of LED, LEC, or MH/HPS grow lights).

How to grow weed indoors without getting caught

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Low odor strains definitely aren’t fool-proof, but they can help make things easier. These are just a few examples of strains that are known to have a relatively low or neutral smell, but there are many others. Learn more about researching strains.

Let’s get into some tips for Stealth Growing – keeping your grow “under the radar” of other people.

You’ve told me you’re looking for a complete guide to growing marijuana that covers everything, from beginner to ultra-advanced.


It’s more stealthy to grow indoors – no one can stumble upon your plants

Luckily, this can be easily corrected with several products like carbon filters for in the grow room, or odor neutralizers for living spaces. Some growers use diffusers or candles to help cover up smells on an emergency basis. Additionally, you can try growing cannabis strains that are known for having a more neutral smell (like the ones listed below). The goal is to make sure that the smell stays within your grow space, and doesn’t find its way into your living areas.

If you’ve ever gone to a forum for advice on growing cannabis, you’ll know that there is no shortage of opinions on what you can do to become a better grower.


In the vegetative stage, some plants have a cannabis smell from the beginning, but most strains tend to make a clean, fresh smell akin to the gardening section in a home improvement store. But once plants get bigger and especially after flowering kicks in, the smell can range from tame to “WHAT IS THAT SMELL?!”