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how to grow weed indoors with natural light

How to grow weed indoors with natural light

Perhaps the police are investigating something unrelated, or the power company has to work outside the window one day. You never know.

For most people, it is probably not a good move. Here’s why.

And if you do decide to grow in your window, I’ll explain exactly what you’ll need and how to do it, in order to get the best possible results.

What You Need

Am I saying no one should grow on a windowsill?

Your marijuana plant will grow much smaller on a windowsill, because there is no way to fit the size of pot you would need to give the roots enough space. That said, you can increase the space somewhat by getting a deep pot.

Natural Light

So you’ve decided to go ahead and grow cannabis on the windowsill. Here’s what you will need at an absolute minimum, plus a few things to be aware of.

Another possible issue to be aware of is water evaporation. Many windowsills sit above radiators, meaning water in the soil will evaporate more quickly. Getting a pot with a water reservoir can help insure that your plant always has access to water.

How to grow weed indoors with natural light

Rotate your plant. “Growing with just a window, your plant is going to bend itself towards the light constantly and will benefit from regular rotating. I was rotating my cannabis plant twice a day to keep it growing relatively upright,” said Jimmy.

Successfully growing a cannabis plant indoors is all about covering the plant’s basic needs: air, light, temperature, water, and nutrients. So, if you get those things right, your homegrown cannabis plant could provide much more than a fun experiment. And considering that indoor cannabis plants can grow a few feet tall and equally wide, you should anticipate young plants to take up more space by the time they reach maturity.

Keep it simple to start. When it comes to your setup, “I would challenge people to try doing as little as possible on their first plant and adding in effort or equipment only to solve issues as they arise or to better future plants,” shared Jimmy.

But can you simply stick a cannabis plant in a nice sunny window and let it do its thing? Read on to understand what to expect if you choose to grow cannabis indoors au naturel, along with a few tips and tricks from experts to help your indoor plant thrive in a minimal setup.

Tips and tricks for your indoor grow

Pro tip: don’t set your cannabis plant on fire. Photo by: Dimitri Newman/Weedmaps

Be a good plant parent. Keep an eye on its growth and development. Trim yellowing or dying leaves that often present at the bottom of the plant when they get shaded by the top canopy. Keep an eye out for insects and act quickly when you see them, then continue monitoring closely because pests and disease can be persistent and difficult to get rid of.

Experience is the best teacher when it comes to growing cannabis — or any plant for that matter. Consider these tips before embarking on growing weed indoors without lights.

What to expect when growing weed indoors without lights

Photoperiod plants need to follow a specific light schedule, particularly during the flowering period. These plants need 12 hours of complete darkness to induce flowering and throughout the flowering phase until harvest. “If you can’t get the environment dark enough, that plant is just going to keep on growing and might get too big for the space you have,” added Jimmy. Our homes are full of light, so to assure the darkness needed to induce flowering, put the plants in a closet each sundown and back out in their window each morning.

There are two types of plants a grower might consider: autoflowering varieties or photoperiod varieties. Photo by: Gina Coleman/Weedmaps