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how to grow weed in a dorm

How to grow weed in a dorm

Aloe Vera Care
Aloe loves bright light, so keep it near a window. Do not allow it to sit in standing water, but make sure the soil doesn’t dry completely either.

Cacti and Succulent Care
Cacti and succulents love bright light; keep them near a sunny window or right under a desk light. Allow the soil to dry almost completely before you water them.

Aloe Vera

Did You Know
ZZ plant releases oxygen into the air, which can improve your sleep quality. Keep ZZ plant near your bed to recover from an all-night study session.

Lucky bamboo is a popular houseplant that features straight, shaped, or woven bamboo-like stems and lush, bright green foliage. With its preference for low light and ability to filter harmful indoor chemicals from the air, this plant really is lucky!

Cacti and Succulents

Sago Palm Care
Sago palm grows best in medium to bright spots. Allow the soil to dry between waterings.

How to grow weed in a dorm

It’s back to school time, and for many, it’s the beginning of college: college campuses will soon be swarming with new freshmen to get in everyone’s way and see how far they can push the rules. One of those rules is smoking in dorms—while we don’t condone the practice, we know you’re going to anyway.

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1. Smell-Proof Container for Bud

So, to keep you safe (and make you a little cooler to new friends), here’s our list of what you need to toke in your dorm room

Fresh bud smell—especially if you’re getting particularly dank weed—expands to fill all available space (not really, but it seems like it), so if left out in the open, your RA is going to catch on very quickly. A smell-proof container is essential, and mason jars can be pretty conspicuous. Invest in a stash jar, like the Loud DankTank, to make sure the smell in your room isn’t coming from the weed.