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how to grow the most potent weed indoors

How to grow the most potent weed indoors

Curing Process

However, there are several additional types of flushes that many growers believe will increase THC levels. Most of these are done in addition to regular flushing, just before harvest. Unfortunately, there aren’t many (if any) tests determining which one of these work, but there are many experienced growers who swear by these methods!

Like I mentioned earlier, the HLG 300 R-Spec LED is the only grow light so far I’ve seen that seems to be able to actually increase THC levels in lab tests between clones. More testing coming soon!

Much of the THC and “potency” in your buds is contained in the sparkly trichomes

Learn more about when to harvest cannabis (with lots more pics!) Get the effects you’re looking for.

How to grow the most potent weed indoors

This means that the plant puts all its energy into producing resin and improving the cannabinoid content of its buds. More resin production translates to a bigger harvest and higher quality buds with potent THC levels.

The factors we’ve looked at so far are strictly designed to increase THC levels of cannabis only. However, they aren’t the only known growing techniques that affect THC levels.

The art of growing cannabis has evolved over many decades into a thing of ease and beauty. Now, you can grow your marijuana at home with very little work and zero hassle using the Grobo grow box .

In comparison, growers looking for low THC/high CBD profiles tend to favor the extended maturity of plant buds.


Curing your buds also has the added advantage of reducing the speedy effects of under-developed buds.

If you have a Grobo , no need to worry about nutrients! Our 850+ strain recipes will automatically dose the perfect amount of nutrients to your plant throughout each growth stage, including the flowering stage and vegetative stage.

Therefore, if you’re looking to get cannabis of high quality and potency, you should buy seeds with a genetic predisposition to high THC levels and high cannabinoid levels.

Factors That Can Also Enhance Yield of Cannabis Plants

A lot of cannabis growers fail to comprehend the full effects of harvesting at the right time. A plant should only be harvested when the buds are mature and ripe, that is when the trichomes turn milky white, and approximately 30% of the trichomes are amber.

You can also purchase feminized seeds , so you won’t have to worry about the gender of your plant!