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how to grow more potent weed

How to grow more potent weed

If you know of any supplement manufacturers who have tested their products on real cannabis plants and can demonstrate that their supplements actually increase THC, we’d love to hear from you!

The sinsemilla bud that started flooding the market was much higher potency than the seedy, low-quality bud that had been available before. This led to the term sinsemilla being used to describe very high quality and potent cannabis. There’s no doubt that most growers prefer buds without seeds, but the term sinsemilla has led to the idea that cannabis buds without seeds were inherently more potent than seedy bud.

In order to get really high levels of potency and THC, it’s essential to start with high-potency, high-THC genes from a respectable breeder. Learn how to research strains so you get the most potent cannabis plant to fulfill your needs. If you’ve never ordered cannabis seeds before, learn how to get seeds delivered to the US and worldwide.

My idea for a test (hopefully someday I’ll get to do this when I get more room to grow!)

Although there is no evidence that the curing process (jarring up buds after they’ve dried) increases THC levels directly, there is a lot of evidence that it increases the perceived potency of buds.

Most clear trichomes (looks like glass) have turned white (looks like white plastic)

Supplements to Increase THC and Overall Potency

How to grow more potent weed

Cannabis buds are at their highest THC levels within a 2-3 week period during its flowering stage. Seasoned growers have discovered that you can increase THC levels in your cannabis plants if you time the harvest period right.

Much of the potency of your cannabis plant resides in the sparkly hair-like trichomes of your buds. Trichomes can be found all over the buds, sugar leaves, and sometimes even the stem of a cannabis plant.


Making sure your plant is well fed is one of the easiest ways to increase you yield. If your plant has all the nutrients it needs to grow, it will grow fast, which may result in a bigger yield.

However, during the vegetative growth phase it is beneficial to add additional CO2 to your grow space. This can help the plant grow faster.

Factors That Have a Direct Influence on Potency (THC Levels) of a Cannabis Plant

A plant with strong genetics and a high potency benchmark can easily produce buds of really high quality. However, a plant with poor genetics for potency will never perform beyond its genetic limits.