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how to grow medical marijuana for the government

How to grow medical marijuana for the government

Second, as with any application submitted pursuant to section 823(a), in determining whether the proposed registration would be consistent with the public interest, among the factors to be considered are whether the applicant has previous experience handling controlled substances in a lawful manner and whether the applicant has engaged in illegal activity involving controlled substances. In this context, illegal activity includes any activity in violation of the CSA (regardless of whether such activity is permissible under State law) as well as activity in violation of State or local law. While past illegal conduct involving controlled substances does not automatically disqualify an applicant, it may weigh heavily against granting the registration.

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As stated above, DEA may only issue a registration to grow marijuana to supply researchers if the registration is consistent with U.S. obligations under the Single Convention. Although this policy document will not list all of the applicable requirements of the Single Convention, [5] the following is a summary of some of the key considerations.

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Under articles 23 and 28 of the Single Convention, a party (i.e., a country that is a signatory to the treaty) that allows the cultivation of cannabis for lawful uses (e.g., FDA-authorized clinical trials) must:

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