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how to grow marijuana hydroponics for beginners

How to grow marijuana hydroponics for beginners

Nutrients will come either pre-mixed in a solution or in powder form. While powder form might be cheaper and less bulky, it is best to stick with liquid pre-mixed nutrients if you are a small-time grower as they mix with water easily and are more forgiving.

When mixing in nutrients, take a few measurements to make sure your solution is safe for the plants. First, make sure you have the right EC (electrical conductivity) reading, and secondly, ensure your pH reading is correct.

Various materials all provide slightly different benefits and drawbacks, so some thought should be put into choosing the right medium for your cannabis plants. In this article, we are going to be utilizing the drip line hydroponics technique.

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With some hydroponic methods, you get to use small amounts of grow media that can often be reused while also precisely controlling what nutrients the plants are receiving and pH levels. With such levels of control, growers find that their buds are bigger, healthier and more potent.

Whether you have grown cannabis before or have no experience growing cannabis whatsoever, hydroponics can be a great way to produce cannabis in any size space. At first it can be confusing and slightly overwhelming, but by learning the basics you will come to understand it’s not as difficult as you imagined.

Nutrients for Hydroponic Cannabis

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While this system is built from the ground up, it should be noted that there are plenty of plug and play systems available for those looking for something that is easy to set up. Plug and play systems come with everything you need in a streamlined package to allow growers to get started on the right foot.

How to grow marijuana hydroponics for beginners

This important and large piece of equipment will take up much of your growing space. The function of the table and its tray is to contain and return excess water to the reservoir. The table will have a low point where water collects and travels back to the reservoir before circulating back to the plants again.

Growing cannabis in soil is the preferred method for many, but there is an entirely separate class of growers: the hydroponic cannabis grower. Some people seem to shy away from hydroponic growing because of the unknowns and the unconventional nature of this endeavor, but it’s really not that difficult. While you may benefit from prior experience growing cannabis in soil, even a beginner can grow good hydroponic cannabis.

Support Media

Usually constructed of plastic, tubing will be necessary to keep water circulating throughout the system, moving it between the reservoir and the plants. The plastic tubing will eventually have holes drilled into it and serve as a drip line.

If you’re a beginner and decide to assemble a hydroponic setup, some pieces of equipment are absolutely necessary, and others are less essential. Fortunately, hydroponic equipment dealers will sell you everything you need for success. Let’s discuss the essential items for setting up a basic hydroponic grow.

First, A Definition of Growing Hydroponic Cannabis

If you’ve been intrigued by hydroponic cultivation and always wanted to give it a try, by all means do so. The practice is not as difficult as it may seem, and most likely you will be a pioneer among your circle of cannabis friends. Before you know it, you will be sampling high-quality cannabis grown with the hydroponic method!