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how to grow corn weed

How to grow corn weed

Put on gloves to prevent blisters on your hands.

Grip the hoe with both hands, as you would a broom. Stand up straight with your feet comfortably apart. Avoid bending or leaning to prevent back strain. Hoe the area directly in front of you, as far as you can comfortably reach, before moving down the row. Keep the hoe away from your feet.

Scrape away weeds, upending the plant and exposing the roots. Plants that have been uprooted will die. You can leave them between rows to eventually disintegrate and replenish the soil, or rake them up when you have finished hoeing. Hand pull any weeds that grow too close to the corn plants.

Run the sharp edge of the hoe approximately one inch below the soil, cutting the roots of the weeds. Avoid cutting the corn plant or its roots. Keep the hoe at least 4 inches from the corn plant, moving the hoe horizontally below the soil surface, parallel to the row.

How to grow corn weed

What varieties of corn do you grow?

After trying a lot of different varieties, I’ve settled on this combo as the best:

That’s it for prepping – really! Now you’re ready to plant.

Sprouting & Thinning

I always plant two of these beds with three different varieties that all mature 2 weeks apart so that we don’t have a glut of corn all at once. This gives us about a month of harvest so I can easily prep and freeze smaller amounts and not kill myself processing corn. If you have a smaller planting area, I’d just plant two of these, the earliest and the latest.

I actually don’t pull up the plants until they’re completely dead in late winter, usually when I’m ready to cover the beds with plastic. I do always let them turn completely brown and knock them down, though, sometime in late fall. After covering and then raking there’s barely any soil, left on the roots.

Maintaining The Beds

Yes I’ve done that many times, you just have to be careful to do it on overcast days. If it’s sunny at all, the transplanted seedlings will just wilt and never really take off.

After the harvest, do you pull up the dead plants? If so, does this deplete quite a bit of soil in the beds?