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how to grow cannabis in coco coir

And flush the mix by pouring pure water with a pH of 6.5 until the run off is less than EC 100 (0.1). The flushing is essential to drain away residual EC from buffering that could burn sensitive cannabis.

And importantly control the room temperature from 65-80 o F (18-26 o C) and humidity ranging 40-50%.

Caring for Cannabis

Furnish other fertilizers and grow amendments to enrich the nutrient availability.

Coco goes well with every kind nutrient supplement. Cannabis grows in a hydroponic system with coir as the medium demands some essential grow supplements like Cal-Mag and other plant grow nutrients .

Stage- 3- Transplant

Trichomes heads turn milky white as it matures, these trichomes are full of potent with the highest level of THC and CBD that are used in Recreation- mental/psychoactive effect.

How to grow cannabis in coco coir

If you’re just beginning to grow cannabis legally, you’ll want to grow it correctly. While we won’t get into the day-to-day details of cannabis production here, we will explain how to get your cannabis crop off to the best start possible. It all starts with your growing media (and we know growing media). Specifically, one growing media of choice for many growers is coco coir.

What Is Coco Coir?

Professional cannabis cultivators all agree that drainage and aeration are key to a successful crop. Many achieve this by using coco coir as their growing medium. Coco coir, if you’re not familiar, is produced from the humble coconut, specifically the fibrous material found between the husk and the coconut itself. This material holds water well but also allows for good drainage. (I know it’s hard to wrap your brain around being both water-holding and water-draining at the same time, but let’s chalk it up to science.) Well-draining growing media allows for good air flow, which is good for root growth. And a good, healthy root system is the secret to a great crop of pretty much anything, including cannabis.

The Science of Coir

Cocodelphia is also ready to go straight out of the bag. Add in some other beneficial amendments such as Biochar Blend or Worm Castings for a punch of nutrition. Or plant in the bag and save yourself the time of potting.

How to grow cannabis in coco coir

Coco coir is exceptionally great for root development. This is due to coco’s ability to take in nutrients in high amounts, retain those nutrients, and still allow for water wicking.

Like any growing medium, coco coir has its intricacies and requires that you know what you’re working with. By directly feeding your plants and retaining both water and nutrients, it’s a unique and effective growing medium.

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Eco-Friendly and Reusable

It’s also simpler to use than soil and pebbles, making it a more approachable medium whether you’re a beginner or a long-time grower.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when watering your plants in a coco coir medium:

How Often Should I Water My Plants?

Without plenty of oxygen, root systems will stay small, thus keeping your plants small. At the same time, too much oxygen means you’re drying off and harming your roots if you’re not on top of your watering schedule. Coco coir offers a unique blend of nutrient retention , quick drying , and airflow that soil and hydroponic pebbles have a hard time doing efficiently.

Ease of Use