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how to grow cannabis in a greenhouse

How to grow cannabis in a greenhouse

It has been said that new cultivators are apt to harvest the crop too early. If you harvest too early, when the trichomes are still clear, the THC will not be as strong. Ideally one should wait until a more milky color has filled half of the trichome heads.

As a new grower, don’t try to grow without sufficient light. Did you know that the plant yield is in direct proportion to the amount of light it receives? There are three types of lights:

It’s no surprise that heat from the lights will raise up the greenhouse temperatures to dangerous levels if you don’t have proper ventilation. In addition you will need proper inlet air coming into the greenhouse. One way to accomplish this is with one fan bringing air into the greenhouse, and one sending the air out of the greenhouse. The total airflow into the greenhouse affects the humidity.

Once the plant is flowering, the humidly needs to be lowered to 40-50%. This is considered critical by some growers. At this time you may lower the ambient temperature. With the lights on a good temperature range is 68 to 78.8 degrees Fahrenheit.

Don’t Harvest the Cannabis Too Early

So you are growing cannabis in a greenhouse. Most of this information is nothing new unless you are new to cultivating cannabis. Here are a few recommendation to stay on top of during your cannabis growing adventure.

How doe you monitor the humidity and temperature? Purchase a hygrometer and a thermometer. A digital unit with memory showing you the maximum and minimum values from the past is important.

One to two weeks before the harvest, consider bringing the humidity levels down as much as possible in the 30-40% range.

pH Level for your cannabis in your greenhouse

As a grower it is important to monitor the pH levels of the water you use to feed your plants. pH is the measure of how “acidic” or “alkaline” something is on a scale off 1 to 14. “7” is considered neutral. Small sickly buds may be the result in part of improper pH levels. A cannabis grower can measure the pH of water sample using a special p tester drops or a digital pH pen. When the pH is within the correct range, the plants can get the most out of all the nutrients, and their buds will reflect it. If the pH at the roots is too high or low, the plant can’t properly absorb the proper nutrients.

Once the plant is in the vegetative stage, the humidity should be between 40% and 70%. The humidity needs to be lowered by 5% each week. The temperature can also be increased a bit because the roots are now absorbing more water, and evaporation is occurring through the leaves which cools the plant.

How to grow cannabis in a greenhouse

Typically, growers should aim to keep their cannabis greenhouses around 70 to 80 degrees – not too hot, but warm enough to keep your plants happy. Typically, the heat provided by the sun through your greenhouse covering – combined with the natural heat given off by the plants as a result of the greenhouse effect – should be plenty to keep your plants warm during cold weather.

Typically, young plants and seedlings tend to react better to slightly more moist environments – around 60 to 70 percent is right. As the plant matures, it’s best to slightly dial down the humidity, shooting for around 40 percent by the time your plants are fully flowered (around week nine).

Humidity Controls in an Artificial Indoor Grow Room

Secure cannabis greenhouses offer a wide range of security features, from basic camouflaging – like black-out of end walls and blackout curtains including light traps, which can also improve light efficiency – to advanced security with higher side walls, lockable doors, and other accessories to secure the roof and walls.

So you’ve set your greenhouse to provide the ideal growing environment, you’ve spaced your plants out perfectly to give them plenty of room, and you’re on top of your growing and trimming schedule. Everything is growing great with your cannabis grow – until one day you walk out to your field to find all your hard work has been heisted.

Safety For Your Cannabis Crop

For both experienced and brand-new cannabis growers, a cannabis greenhouse offers the chance to provide cannabis plants with the ideal environment to produce the perfect grow. Here’s a look at just what a greenhouse can bring to your cannabis crops: