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how to grow beards with weed

How to grow beards with weed

I’m really so worried about it cos guys of my age have so many and apparently, the bears beautify a man’s face. I sought advice from many sources in the past but all to no avail.

he will benefit from the advice of a dermatologist too

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Poster. Don’t worry there’s no cause for alarm. Its heredity. If its not, with time u will av it. Just be patient ehn. But if u can’t, just mix alomo and ogidiga with weed and rub on your chin 3times a day.

Lov4sat: If I be you I go give thanks to god for the baby face. when other are worried about the weekly shaving and other side effects that comes with it some body is here looking to grow face hair abi wetin you call am

How to grow beards with weed

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The best ways to grow a beard with Weed

On the other hand, a weed is considered desirable when it is used where is it desirable to be used.

What is this weed itself

It contains a lot of cannabinoids that interact with the neurons in the brain which help to stimulate hair growth. So, it is time to start applying weed on your beard if you need a very healthy beard within a short time.