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how to get rid of weeds growing between pavers

How to get rid of weeds growing between pavers

This method can be repeated every four to six weeks.

Pulling weeds can be a time consuming and highly physical task, with kneeling down taking its toll on backs, necks and knees.

Then, using a broom brush the baking soda into the cracks holding the weeds.

When using white vinegar as a weedkiller, make sure you avoid spraying the mixture on any plants you wish to keep, as it can kill those too.


All you need to do is generously sprinkle baking soda over the paving stones which have the offending weeds.

Adding in salt and washing up liquid will tackle the weeds quickly, with results potentially seen within an hour.

Gardeners share a common enemy in weeds, with unwanted, fast-growing plants popping up in nuisance areas. This can be among flowers, on lawns, in borders or even in-between paving stones. Many weeds are an eyesore, sprouting up quickly and taking over spaces – however, you can use white vinegar to kill them.

Homebase detail water saving tips for the garden in summer

Another method for quickly removing weeds between paving stones is to use baking soda.

You will need to have household ingredients like white vinegar, table salt, washing up liquid and a spray bottle for this method.

How to get rid of weeds growing between pavers

If you hire a contractor to build a new patio, make sure that there’s adequate drainage and pavers are fitted tightly together.

Impatient though I was, I took time to research weed removal methods and choose the best. Read how I got rid of all the weeds between my pavers, the easy, green way.

Treating an extra-large paver-ed area with a kettle of freshly boiled water might not be practical. Instead, try pressure washing. Hot water works best. To avoid harming your pavers, follow manufacturer’s directions and start with a low pressure.

What I actually used – with great results

Treat extra-large areas

So I turned the tables and rather than recommend methods of getting rid of weeds between pavers without trying them, I rejected certain methods without trying them. You’ll see my logic in a minute.

What’s growing between your pavers: weeds, moss, even tiny trees? If you answer “all of the above,” you’re in the same boat as I was until recently. Seemed like my patio was more vegetation than bricks and I wanted to fix it … fast.

FINAL SCORE: Laura 1, Weeds 0.

My method of choice was … wait for it …. boiling water!