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how to get a growing weed license in california

CDFW has profiles of cannabis cultivators who use best practices and tips for managing your cultivation site in a wildlife-friendly way.

Pesticide use is enforced by DPR and county agricultural commissioners. Contact your county agricultural commissioner if you have questions about pesticides.

Cannabis cultivators have a responsibility to protect the environment and be responsible stewards of the land. That’s why it’s important to understand how your operations may impact the environment.

Water permits

There are different licenses if you:

The California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) is developing an appellations program for cannabis. Appellations are special names reserved for cannabis:

You can use pesticides on cannabis plants if they meet guidelines set by the Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR). DPR has resources about:

Cultivation licenses

If you want to grow cannabis and sell it in California, you will need a cultivation license. The type of cultivation license you need depends on:

The cannabis appellations program will:

How to get a growing weed license in california

Illegal plants seized in California by year

You can report an illegal business anonymously online at

Street value?Pot can vary a lot in quality and value, but with a conservative estimate that a plant can yield one pound of average weed at $1,600 a pound, the 1.11 million plants seized in 2020 could have a street value of about $1.77 billion.

State license issuance began in 2018, but data isn’t available for that initial year because they were issued as temporary licenses. Data sets begin in 2019, when 12-month annual and provisional licenses began to be issued, using the online licensing systems. Licenses remain active for one year, at which point they can be renewed for an additional 12 months. This list displays counts of when the licenses were first issued, but not each time one was renewed.

Cannabis status by state

Licensed to grow, manufacture and sell

Since its establishment in 1983, the Campaign Against Marijuana Planting has had more than 110 law enforcement agencies involved, making it one of the largest law enforcement task forces in the U.S.

According to most indications, the federal government will continue its policy of not interfering with state-licensed medical marijuana businesses.

If you are a grower, you may hold multiple cultivation licenses for your different crops. When it comes to holding other types of licenses, however, there are important restrictions:

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Federal law permitting, the Department of Food and Agriculture will issue the requirements for a cannabis crop to be certified organic by 2020.

Legal Protections for Licensed Cultivators

In addition to the taxes that may be levied on cultivators by the local government, the state will collect a $9.25 per ounce cultivator’s tax.

The nursery license does not specify any limits on the number of plants or canopy area. If you hold this license, you may transport live plants.

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Holding Multiple Licenses

CalCannabis Cultivation Licensing is a division of the California Department of Agriculture and is responsible for distributing cultivation licenses.

The Departments of Food and Agriculture and Pesticide Regulation will release a list of approved pesticides.