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how to germinate weed seeds cotton wool

How to germinate weed seeds cotton wool

Pull the cotton wool apart slightly to break up the fibers a bit. Nestle the seeds into the top of the cotton wool spaced 1 to 2 inches apart.

Spread a layer of cotton wool over the bottom of a seed-starting tray, whether it’s unwrapped from long sheets or formed from cotton balls.

Transplant seedlings into 2- to 3-inch pots or cell packs when they form roots and the first leaves. Fill the pots with damp potting soil.

Gently separate the cotton wool from the seedlings being careful not to damage the roots. Leave some of the cotton wool growing around the roots. If you try to pull the seedling out of the cotton wool, you might break the new roots.

How to germinate weed seeds cotton wool

Wait for 2-5 days (check your plate on day 3) Once the root is between 2-5 cm the newly born seedling is ready to be transplanted into the soil.

Spray again lightly and put the seedling in the hole. Make sure the root goes into the soil and the ‘head’ of the seedling, stays above the soil. Close the hole and move it to a grow room with at least 18 hours of light per day, with a temperature of 20-27 degrees Celsius and a humidity level of around 60-80%. Keep the soil moist daily.

Take the plate and put it in a dark place with a constant temperature of around 20 degrees Celsius (a closet in the living room is often a good place)

Step 6: Wait a few days for roots to develop

Don’t use paper towel, toilet paper or any other comparable materials, only the make-up cotton pad retains the right level of moisture to make this method successful.

Take microwave foil (with small holes – not normal cling film) and secure it tightly over your plate.

Take a pot of minimum 0.25 L and fill it with either Seedmix or Lightmix. Wet the soil and make a small hole in the middle.

Step 7: Prepare the soil and make a hole

Place the cotton pads on a plate (for every 5 seeds you will have to use 2 cotton pads).

Put another cotton pad on top of the seeds and spray again lightly.