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how to become a medical marijuana grower in massachusetts

How to become a medical marijuana grower in massachusetts

Qualifying conditions include:

Currently, the indoor cultivation license fee ranges from $200 to $600 while the outdoor cultivation license fee ranges from $100 to $300. Approved applicants are required to pay a license fee of $625 to $12,500 for an indoor cultivation license or $1,250 to $25,000 for an outdoor cultivation license.

Individuals age 21 and older can possess up to one ounce of cannabis with no more than five grams of concentrate outside of their homes. They can possess up to 10 ounces of cannabis inside their homes as well as any cannabis produced by plants cultivated on the premises.

Possession Regulations

To qualify, a patient must receive a recommendation from a physician, physician’s assistant, or nurse practitioner who is registered with the state to certify patients for medical cannabis.

Individuals age 21 and older are allowed to grow cannabis in their homes, but there are limitations, particularly related to security requirements and visibility.

Manufacturing Licensing Regulations

The manufacturing license application fee is $300 at this time, and approved applicants must pay a $5,000 license fee.

Leafy Green Agency is an approved Massachusetts Responsible Vendor Training provider. Follow the link to see the Massachusetts RVT Seminar Schedule and register for a seminar to complete your required training.

As the Commission continues to implement regulatory changes that were promulgated in January 2021, information contained on these webpages may require updates and/or verification by applicants and licensees in order to maintain compliance. Thank you for your understanding.

This is a general overview of the licensing process for Marijuana Establishments (MEs) and Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers (MTCs) in Massachusetts.

Research the laws and regulations governing adult-use or medical-use marijuana for more information about the regulatory requirements for licensure in the city or town you wish to operate.

For more comprehensive information, please refer to the Guidance on Licensure .

Prior to opening, an additional inspection will then be conducted. Upon review of the inspection report, your establishment will receive a notification that it is allowed to commence operations and start operating as a business.