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how to become a certified weed grower

How to become a certified weed grower

Last but not least, make it a point to express that work is your top priority. In many cases, cannabis growers are akin to medical professionals in the sense that they are on call. If you make it clear that you are committed to your profession and that you are someone others can undoubtedly rely on, your interview will be more likely to yield favorable results!

Everything we’ve mentioned leading up to now has centered around what you should do before you begin the search for an open grower position at a dispensary. Once you’ve obtained relevant licenses and explored the idea of being part of a cultivation company near you, it will be time for you to actually apply for the position of a grower at dispensaries.

Whether it’s something you are doing by choice or a move you have to make to get where you want to be in the long run, it doesn’t hurt to consider starting out in a more entry-level position. This is especially true if you have little to no experience handling cannabis in the first place!

Have an Understanding of Cannabis-Related Horticulture

The more common and advanced the cannabis industry becomes, the more saturated the business of growing becomes, too. There are far more cannabis growers out there today than there were when recreational cannabis first emerged as a legal activity.

February 28, 2020

However, if you are serious about becoming a grower for a dispensary, obtaining your cultivation license is one of the best moves you can make. Secure a cultivation license in your respective state is one of the best ways to set yourself apart from the myriad of growers seeking jobs with dispensaries.

Obtain a Marijuana Grower’s License

There are even more regulations put forth for people who grow cannabis beyond the confines of it being a hobby. For many growers, the prospect of possibly growing and then distributing their products to dispensaries, buyers, or other cannabis retailers is incredibly appealing.

Once you have worked as a cannabis grower for long enough to feel confident in your abilities, seek out local dispensaries that peak your interest. You don’t need to be the best or most knowledgeable grower of all time, but you should definitely have a solid understanding of all-things cannabis.

How to become a certified weed grower

Currently, financial institutions cannot lend money to cannabis businesses because cannabis is prohibited on a federal level. For the most part, entrepreneurs must seek funding from a variety of private investors to overcome the lack of funding from traditional financing institutions.

Do you have any experience breeding cannabis and creating your own cultivars? If you gain employment with a cultivation business or the cultivation division of a vertically-integrated cannabis company that produces its own proprietary strains, your breeding skills could provide career opportunities in the areas of research and development (R&D).

Obtain Funding

Line up a highly competent team. Your team should have at least one person with several years of proven commercial cultivation experience, not necessarily with cannabis but in any other commercial growing endeavor, whether it be ornamental flowers, fruits, or vegetables, preferably with a college degree in botany,horticulture, or related field. This will be your head grower, also known as a master grower.

Join thousands of other students who have enrolled in Cannabis Training University. If you want to become a legal cannabis grower, CTU’s curriculum is completely online so you can learn at your own pace on your own time. At an affordable price, CTU’s online cannabis college provides the most value for the money compared to any other cannabis college.

Becoming a Cannabis Breeder

Become familiar with key individuals in your local municipality as well as on the state level. Recognizing the key players and decision-makers in your state will help you during the license application process. If the word compliance doesn’t impact you on a day-to-day basis right now, it will immediately after you enter the industry.