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how much weed one plant grow

How much weed one plant grow

Sunlight is the most powerful light us earthlings have access to, so if you are able to give your plant direct sunlight, do it! Sunshine is also free, and that is a big plus. The only downside is that we cannot control cloudy or rainy days and winter makes it challenging to grow with the limited amount of sunlight (the freezing temperatures also don’t help).

That’s why a Pot for Pot specially formulated our Superb Soil to contain just the right amount of nutrients to maximize cannabis growth. With a Pot for Pot kits, there’s no need to add additional fertilizer because their soil has everything your plant needs from seed to harvest . It isn’t just easy to use, it’s optimized for marijuana growth.

​​Yield vs. Potency

The yield from an indoor-grown cannabis plant largely depends on the light the plant receives. Cannabis plants, being photosynthesizers, receive all their energy to function from light.

Grow Less Cannabis Plants to Get More Weed

Immediately upon harvesting, your buds will be quite heavy. That’s because, like humans, freshly harvested cannabis flowers are 75 – 80% water by weight. Once dried and cured, the actual harvest you get is about ¼ of the wet weight. So, if your harvest weighs out at an ounce at first cut, when it’s all said and done, you will have a quarter ounce of homegrown weed to smoke.

How much weed one plant grow

Many other factors affect yield as well, from your skill level, to the strain of cannabis, to the lighting.

Using The Amount Of Light To Estimate Yield

This is obviously a very rough estimate and something that varies greatly from one light to another. I’m sure you know that a good LED grow light will give you a higher output for a given wattage than a lesser light.

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Ideal Temperature And Humidity

As for nutrients, if you are growing in soil, that soil likely contains nutrients that will keep your plants fed for a few weeks. After that, use a nutrient solution specifically made for cannabis, like the Fox Farm Nutrient Trio. In soil-less media, you will need to use nutrients throughout and be very specific with the amounts.