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how much miracle grow for cannabis

In my experiences using MiracleGro, I’ve mixed 1 tablespoon/gallon of the of the crystal-like fertilizer with water. I’ve used that for years now for weed plants and in my veggie garden. Thats full strength. Feed it every 2 weeks throughout vegging and switch to whatever you want for flowering.

Your first feeding should be 1/2 strength, don’t feed it too early, etc, etc.

And I kinda think that many people on the forum have no problems with MG fertilizer and actually it is used quite a bit.
On the other hand, MG soil isn’t recommended for new growers because it comes with slow release nutes in it.. which usually means that the over-ambitious noobs burn the plants because they’ve had no experience dealing with this problem before.

How much miracle grow for cannabis

You can even make your own fertilizer uniquely tailored to your plants. Many experienced growers take to this option as it enables them more control of the growing process and often gives a greater sense of accomplishment.

The other problem with MiracleGro marijuana among tried and testes growers, is said to be the taste. Having tried several strains that were grown with it, growers have attested to the product having a harsh chemical after taste that ruins the whole flower. A probable reason for this is that Miracle-Gro isn’t formulated for plants that are meant to be burned like weed.

As one of the better-known fertilizers in the world, MiracleGro was first produced in the late 1940s. From there, it has become a household known product in the fertilizer market, loved by plant growers worldwide. By boosting the growth rate of plants, it boosts the formation of new cell structure according to Miracle Grow.

Marijuana growing can be so fun! Starting with a single seed or a clone, and taking care of it through to the flowering stage provides joy to the soul. It only makes sense that your grow is done well and you want to do anything possible to make them grow big and thrive. With so many products on the market for this purpose, MiracleGro for growing weed is no exception.

What is the Best MiracleGro Alternative?

Despite assuming notions that MiracleGro can be used for any living plant, the plain answer to the question of ‘Is MiracleGro good for marijuana growing?’ is: No. MiracleGro is definitely not a marijuana farmer’s best friend. Newbies often make the mistake of assuming that MiracleGro is ubiquitous on the planet of plant growing. With that said, it’s not to say that it’s completely impossible to grow marijuana with it, but remain aware of the fact that risks are rampant!

The above scenario seems risky, doesn’t it? Commonly speaking, why would you look for trouble when there are so many nutrient systems out there that are specifically formulated to grow cannabis? Why not choose to invest in better cannabis nutrients guaranteed to result in a bountiful harvest?

Cannabis plants go through several different stages, and hence need a different combination of nutrients to ensure thriving growth. While the one-size-fits-all approach may initially help the plant, the nutrients therein are not adequate to sustain a cannabis plant through its whole life cycle. Another important factor is that MiracleGro has an extended-release of nutrients, meaning the nutrients may be stored for months and only released later. The result of this? Burning and loss of harvest.

What is MiracleGro, Really?

While the MiracleGro formula will work fine in the vegetative stage of a cannabis plant’s life, the nutrient build-up will negatively affect the flowering stage. This is something you’d rather want to avoid, by logical parameters. When choosing soil, fertilizers and/or nutrients for your marijuana plants, be sure to find cannabis-suitable counterparts only.

With that said, we need to also report the very few growers who have reported positive things about MiracleGro and marijuana. However, those who find success with this method use vastly watered-down amounts of MiracleGro.