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how many weed plants can u grow in california

How many weed plants can u grow in california

Violations of these rules are punished with a fine of up to $250.

Here’s a breakdown of the number of marijuana plants you can grow in the state and local restrictions.

Landlord Restrictions

Recreational user grow limit: Up to 6 plants per household

If you want to start growing cannabis as a medical patient, check out our resource on how to get a medical cannabis card in California .

How Many Marijuana Plants Can a Medical Patient and Caregiver Grow in California

Caregiver grow limit: Up to 500 sq. ft. grow area per residence

The California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) is developing an appellations program for cannabis. Appellations are special names reserved for cannabis:

Cannabis cultivators must have:

All agricultural operations in California are required to get permits and follow rules set by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) and the California Water Boards. These rules help protect water quality and conserve water resources.

CDFW has profiles of cannabis cultivators who use best practices and tips for managing your cultivation site in a wildlife-friendly way.

Water permits

Pesticide use is enforced by DPR and county agricultural commissioners. Contact your county agricultural commissioner if you have questions about pesticides.

There are different licenses if you:

The cannabis appellations program will:

Use of pesticides

CDFW and Water Board rules prevent:

Cannabis cultivators have a responsibility to protect the environment and be responsible stewards of the land. That’s why it’s important to understand how your operations may impact the environment.