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how many plants can you grow with a cannabis card

Florida laws

Marijuana plant ballot measure

The effort must gather 891,589 valid signatures (8 percent of the total number of votes cast in the previous presidential election) by February 1, 2022 to qualify for the November ballot. It must also follow Florida’s signature distribution requirements.

There has been talk lately in the Florida legislature regarding legalizing recreational marijuana for adults. In January 2021, bills were introduced in the Florida House and Senate to legalize purchase and consumption of recreational marijuana for residents 21 and older without a medical card.

These rules permit and regulate for-profit cultivation, distribution, manufacturing, testing, dispensary, and transportation, with permits required from both local and state agencies. Temporary state licenses became available starting January 1, 2018.

California, local, and federal laws on medical marijuana

A Medical Marijuana ID card is optional—patients do not need to get one to use medical marijuana legally, just a doctor’s recommendation. However, it can be very useful. It exempts the patient from paying taxes on marijuana purchases. In addition, the ID card prevents law enforcement from arresting a patient with permissible amounts of marijuana (which may exceed the legal recreational limits).

Common questions about medical marijuana

For the most part, these rules do not affect individual patients, as long as they cultivate solely for personal medical use and limit their growing area to 100 square feet. Primary caregivers can cultivate up to 500 square feet for the personal medical use of up to five patients without falling under the new rules.