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how many cannabis plants can i grow in washington

How many cannabis plants can i grow in washington

While we will have to wait for the topic to be reintroduced and discussed, Washington residents can rest assured knowing that the potential to grow their own weed isn’t completely off the table for the future.

Washington state has had the luxury of legal recreational cannabis since the beginning of the recreational industry in 2012. Nearly a decade later and there are still many questions regarding the rules. We often hear people ask “is growing cannabis in Washington legal?” when visiting one of our Washington dispensary locations.

Our vision is to contribute to the cannabis space by continuing to challenge ourselves every day and bring inspiration and innovation to this industry. We are achieving this every day by blending the most advanced growing techniques with state-of-the-art technology and bringing our customers the best products.

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Those who have grown cannabis for medical use may legally possess up to eight ounces if they are enrolled in the database and six ounces if not. Recreational users are only allowed to possess up to an ounce at a time.

Growing cannabis in Washington is not legal in most cases. As with many things cannabis, though, further explanation is needed because there are some exceptions.

Growing cannabis in Washington is not legal…usually

There have been several attempts to legalize personal-use home grows in Washington state. None have been successful yet. The main reasons are fears of illegal and unwanted activities, including burglaries and exposure to children. Some even worry that neighborhoods would begin to reek of marijuana smells.

Medical marijuana patients in Washington state are permitted to grow up to six plants for medical use. If there are multiple qualified patients in one household, up to 15 plants are allowed.

How many cannabis plants can i grow in washington

Like tobacco, smoking cannabis in any indoor location is subject to the restrictions of the Washington state’s Smoking in Public Places law (RCW 70.160). Not sure how this applies to you? Ask your hotel about their rules regarding smoking or using in rooms.

Because retail cannabis is still a federal offense, it’s illegal to use on federal lands, like parks. Tribes, which are sovereign nations, have their own laws and may also prohibit the sale and use of cannabis on their land.

In 2012, Washington state voters passed Initiative 502 to legalize and tax the sale of retail cannabis products. That means non-medical—sometimes called recreational—cannabis is legal for all adults 21 and over.

Driving a car or operating a boat under the influence of cannabis isn’t just illegal—it’s dangerous. That goes for passengers too. Even if you’re only along for the ride, it’s still illegal to have cannabis outside of its original, unopened package or use it while in the passenger seat.


Like harvested flowers or “bud.”

Over 21? Here’s how much you can have on you at one time:

7 grams of cannabis concentrate.

What about employers and landlords?

Under 21? Using or possessing cannabis—sometimes called marijuana, pot, herb, bud, weed, grass, chronic, dank, dope, ganga, and kush—before the age of 21 is illegal unless medically authorized.

Speaking of where you shouldn’t use cannabis. When it comes to the car, cannabis should stay in its original, unopened package and out of reach—like in the trunk.