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how do i keep weeds from growing in my gravel

How do i keep weeds from growing in my gravel

Simply rake your pebbles away from the grass and apply the fabric in sections – or remove all the gravel and lay the fabric before popping the gravel back over.

With no plants or grass nearby to damage with homemade weedkillers, you can cover the area and make sure those weeds are killed off.

One simple three-ingredient weedkiller involves washing up liquid, salt and water.

This will involve a trip to your local garden centre or DIY shop.

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How to stop weeds: You will need to get permeable landscape fabric to put under gravel and prevent weeds coming back (Image: GETTY)

To kill weeds between paving stones and gravel, you can be rather ruthless.

You will need to get permeable landscape fabric.


How to stop weeds: This weedkiller will work for between paving stones too (Image: GETTY)

First, kill off the weeds, then follow the steps for prevention below.

How do i keep weeds from growing in my gravel

Dig out the area of your driveway. If your drive is connecting a lawn ensure you separate using edging stones. Ensure irrigation from your lawn does not run into your gravel.

Common gravel weeds range from grassy weeds to woody weeds. Broadleaf, henbit, purslane, chickweed, dandelions all find it fair gain when it comes to rearing their heads between the stone.
So, how to stop weeds from growing in gravel?
Well, the honest answer, you’ll never completely get rid of weeds existing in your drive. Weed seeds can travel through the air or via birds / insects. If there’s dirt, moister and sunshine then weeds will soon geminate.
However, there are precautions you can take to stop many of the weeds shooting up from the ground below. So keeping on top of keeping your gravel weed free is that little easier.

2. Layer of Landscape Fabric.

The final step is to lay a layer of decorative aggregate. You need a decent layer (3 to 5 inches) but not too deep as this can lead to puddle and weed growth.

By laying a later of landscape fabric / weed control membrane it acts as a ground stabilizer so stone and soil do not mix.

1. Dig your drive.

Here’s a diagram:

For the small amount of weed that may appear from then on you’ll find they’re small and with a tiny bit of elbow grease can easily be pulled. Much easier to manage weeds if there are only a couple every few weeks rather than a field full.

How do i keep weeds from growing in my gravel

It is also available in diluted form under various brand names. However, instead of using these expensive cans or sprays. I use undiluted glyphosate and dilute it myself with water for clearing weeds from driveways and other large areas. It is super concentrated and easy to apply with a watering-can

Glyphosate kills the whole plant including the roots.

The pros;

Do weed suppressant fabrics work? the pros and cons

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