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home remedies for growing weed

Home remedies for growing weed

For the last year or so in Los Angeles, I’ve enjoyed legal access to marijuana. It’s easy enough to go to a dispensary or get it delivered. But you know what might be more fun? Growing it—and spring 2018 seems just the time to give it a go. (Here in California, adults over 21 can grow up to six plants at home for personal use, so long as they’re locked up and not publicly visible. Several US states and Washington, DC have similar laws.)

Clones vs. seeds

Depending on where you live, if you got a healthy clone from a dispensary today, there’s nothing to say you couldn’t just plant it in nutrient-rich soil in a sunny spot, and have flowers in the fall. By then, you will have read all about how to harvest, dry, and cure them.

The minimalist’s setup

I’m a lazy gardener, not a farmer. This is the same approach I’m taking to growing my own weed.

Home remedies for growing weed

Keep an eye on your plants during the growing season. Increase your feeding schedule if the plants have light green leaves. Cut it back if the leaves have brown edges and its tips start to curl back. Home growers can also add compost tea to plants to aid bud growth.

In practice, novice growers encounter plenty of difficulties and often end up with substandard results. To get the most out of your harvest, you must identify the strains you want and understand the importance of growing enormous buds. If you didn’t know, a plant’s bud appears after the plant enters the flowering stage. While the female cannabis plant leaves contain small amounts of THC, the buds are significantly more potent.

2 – Achieving the Perfect pH

More is better as far as carbon dioxide is concerned because an increased amount boosts growth.

1 – Add the Correct Nutrients at the Right Time

Your marijuana plants require CO2 for photosynthesis. More is better as far as carbon dioxide is concerned because an increased amount boosts growth. It is also essential to add extra CO2 when increasing the intensity of the lighting. For reference, the air we breathe contains 350-400 parts per million (ppm) of carbon dioxide. Your plants use the CO2 and combine it with light to create the sugars that are pivotal to their growth.

Home remedies for growing weed

Here you have the 5 home remedies against pests that are typical to be found in marijuana plantations. Make a note of it, because I’m sure that on more than one occasion they will be perfect for you and your plants.

In this article we tell you about the 5 home remedies for marijuana pests that we like best.

What pests can be treated with home remedies?

To kill red spider mites (and any type of mite) using a homemade method, you will need to do so:

Five home remedies for marijuana

If you suffer from red spider mite and don’t check your plants, you will only notice it when it has a large colony and you will realise because of the protective net they weave on the underside of the plants. It is precisely because of their small size that they are not individually perceptible. You should always check the underside of the leaves periodically to find yourself with this bad surprise, they looks as slightly yellowish dust grains.