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heatwave seeds

Heatwave seeds

Hardiness & Longevity Half-hardy Annual

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Plant Size Height Up to 75cm (29.5in)
Spread Up to 50cm (19.7in)

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Heatwave seeds

Due to the nature of the root system of Heat Wave® Fescue has an exceptional drought tolerance.

Fescue grass is a popular turf solution for athletic fields and golf courses and good for foot traffic.


Improved Turf-Type Tall Fescue Blend– A grass seed for all seasons, the dark green color and thin narrow bladed fescue blend will be an early green in the spring and hold color late into fall.

Heat Wave® turf-type tall fescue blend performs best in full sun and will tolerate shade very well.

Heat Wave® Features

Best heat tolerance due to deep root system that helps grass access more water and nutrients.