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guerilla growing weed

Guerilla growing weed

Choosing the right place and the correct variety is essential.

Whichever type of seed or clone is chosen, it’s advisable to give them a small period of growth at home and take them to the selected guerrilla spot when they’ve got a little bigger. Young seedlings and newly-rooted cuttings are highly susceptible and will be at risk both from adverse weather conditions and insects or predators, so transplanting them when they are a few days older will greatly increase the chances of them reaching maturity.

Cannabis varieties for guerrilla growing

Although the success of the crop will depend largely on luck, with the plants being more or less left to their own devices for most of their life, a series of steps can be taken that, while not guaranteeing a successful harvest, can certainly help the plants to remain healthy throughout the season. In this way, guerrilla growers can harvest cannabis crops of a quality rivalling that of the most pampered outdoor gardens, where it’s far easier to provide the plants with all they need.In the following article we will outline the most important elements to consider for achieving a successful guerrilla harvest in the safest and easiest way possible.

Many guerrilla growers opt for autoflowering seeds, an excellent choice for this style of cultivation. These are plants that stay small in size, and thanks to their ability to flower independently of the natural photoperiod, if they’re sown at the high time they can be harvested well before normal (photoperiod-dependent) plants, beating the rippers (plant thieves), Police or curious hunters in their search for guerrilla grows. And depending on the climate, it’s possible to plan two or even three outdoor crops per year thanks to both autoflowering seeds and the use of clones, as we’ve seen in our article dealing with off-season outdoor cultivation.

Choosing and preparing the growing spot

This is undoubtably a fundamental aspect, there’s no point in choosing the perfect variety if we’re not going to plant it in an optimal place for its development. We must follow the same principles as in any outdoor crop in terms of altitude, orientation and solar exposure (try not to exceed 700-800 metres in altitude, situate the plants facing the south or east and in the spot with the most hours of direct sunlight), but also other factors such as water, wind or wild animals, which can cause significant complications. Placing the plants so they receive direct sunlight first thing in the morning will quickly evaporate any rain or dew left from the night before and dry the buds, greatly helping in the battle against fungi like botrytis or powdery mildew.

Guerilla growing weed

Guerilla growing consists of camouflaging cannabis with the natural vegetation. The selected spot must be hard to access, with a good amount of sunlight, a water source nearby, and fertile soil because you don’t want to be seen going in multiple times, ideally you should only go to harvest your plants.

2. Finding The Perfect Spot

There aren’t a lot of advantages other than the plant being far from your house. This is extremely beneficial to growers who live in a country where cannabis is illegal because even though you might end up without a harvest if someone ends up stealing your crop, you won’t get arrested.

3. Advantages

That’s why you have to find a spot with good soil, to be sure of this you will have to check the vegetation around. If the plants around are healthy your plants probably will grow healthy too.