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guava cake seeds

Guava cake seeds

Their mission statement focuses on great resin production for flower and hash making and creating exclusive, exotic terpene profiles. They are constantly exploring new ways of combining these two factors to offer new varieties to the community. Grateful Seeds is a project born in 2015 in Barcelona after years of selecting and testing where they’ve networked to find some of the best keeper phenos in the game to maintain in their library for future development.

The Guava IX is a cross of the Guava cut of Star Dawg crossed back to Star Dawg that The Bimo’s Way found a special & unique pheno of that they kept safe as a cut. The Bimo’s Way specialises in high-quality solventless extraction and so it’s likely the special cut he kept in his stables had excellent water hash qualities. Grateful Seeds have crossed this with the infamous Key Lime Pie clone gifted to the Grateful Seeds from La Kalada.

The Guava IX mother dominates the terp profile with her outstanding sour and chem notes; meanwhile, the Key Lime Pie father is a clone-only variety that adds significant bud density and a sweet but tart baked lime pie aftertaste. This combination of flavours leads to a tropical fruit and fuel terp profile that is as exotic as it is gassy.
Guava Cake has quickly made waves in the Barcelona cannabis and hash community for her potency and resin production, which is expected when the keeper parents used came from experts in the Solventless extract industry.

The Grateful Seeds family is a small-batch Barcelona based team with a great love for the cannabis culture. They have a long experience rooted in working across the globe in the USA, Mexico, Switzerland, Spain and Morocco that led them to develop their own techniques to express their love for breeding.

Guava Cake is one of the latest strains from one of our newest seed banks, Grateful Seeds, she’s a special cultivar that will tick the boxes for all lovers of sour, gassy strains and terp profiles.

The Guava Cake grows tall and vigorous whilst stacking significant weight, leading to a huge yield, the resin yield for extraction is also massive with it dripping with greasy high quality gaseous trichome heads. In just 60-65 days you can expect huge chem production

Grateful Seeds quality based approach has led to them achieving numerous awards for their genetics, including but not limited to: the Homegrown Cup, Secret Cup Bizkaia, Cosesha Cup, Master of Rosin and ICMAG420.

Those who tried this marijuana, describe the effect as having a pleasant, uplifted cerebral high, which gives you giggles. Afterwards, it proceeds with a relaxation that ends with peaceful sleep. It is also essential to tell that it relaxes you but leaves you functioning. As a side effect, users complain about a major dry in the mouth. The strain can help people who have excessive stress, depression, or insomnia. Though, it may cause anxiety in users with low tolerance.

Guava Cake is a balanced hybrid strain, which is made by crossing a Gold Leaf phenotype of Wedding Cake with itself to promote more balanced effects. The original breeders are Seed Junky Genetics.

The kush contains an approximate THC level of 17%. It puts Guava Cake in a category, which can be recommended for intermediate users, but not for beginners or those with small tolerance.

This strain has an earthy and fruity aroma, with tones of tropical berries. The bud provides a delicious, sweet tropical flavor while exhaling the smoke.

Guava Cake feminized seeds are available for purchase on the Internet. As a matter of fact, Guava Cake is a rather rare strain, which has only a few guides on the web. The average flowering time is between 55 and 75 days, and the plant itself grows only to average heights.

Guava cake seeds

Terpenes: Carene, Ocimene, Valencene, Phellandrene

Gold Leaf x Wedding Cake

Guava Cake can be grown indoors and outdoors. Even though it is mostly sativa, it only produces average-height plants. Satiivas usually produce tall and lanky plants. Yields can be generous with the proper plant training and care throughout the growing season.


Side effects: Dry mouth, Dry eyes, Drowsiness