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growing weed under cfl lights

Growing weed under cfl lights

Using CFL bulbs allows you to use daylight mimicking CFL bulbs during the vegetative stage of the plant’s life and use a softer light for the flowering cycle. You don’t want to use a soft white CFL for vegging as it is closer to the sunlight in Autumn when plants start to flower. However, if soft white is all you can find, it will still work as long as you have enough wattage to supply ample light to each plant.

CFL Light Bulbs For Growing Weed

The best CFL for vegetative growth will be somewhere around 6500K. A softer spectrum around 2700K will be a good choice for a CFL flowering bulb. These spectrums mimic natural daylight spectrums in Spring/Summer during the growing cycle and Autumn for the flowering cycle.

CFL Grow Light Coverage

Using CFL bulbs for plants and producing marijuana on your own doesn’t have to be complicated. CFL lights are the most beginner-friendly setup. They are also the best choice for small spaces. Beginners shouldn’t grow too much for their first experience, meaning CFL lighting is a win-win for cannabis growing for beginners.

Growing weed under cfl lights

More Light = More Bud
(up to a point)

Setting up more than one bulb per socket can often be cheaper than buying an individual light socket for each light, especially if you buy online. It also is really convenient for arranging around your plant.

When growing with CFLs, it becomes harder and harder to fully illuminate the plants as they get bigger and grow more branches. You will maximize the total amount of buds you get by keeping the plant smaller (and therefore easy to bathe in light), and then harvesting more often since your plants will be ready to harvest much sooner.

For example, if you are using Fox Farms Hydroponic Liquid Nutrient trio, just follow the feeding chart that comes with the bottles and water your plant with nutrients every other watering.

After switching to 12-12, you should start noticing your plant making its first sex organs after a week or two. Females will grow white hairs and males will start growing grape-like balls.

Growing weed under cfl lights

Basically, you need to understand that cannabis plants go from seedling > vegetative stage > flowering stage > harvest. Your job is to give the plant light, water and nutrients, just like any other plant. In the vegetative stage the plant grows only stems and leaves (vegetative growth) while it gets bigger. In the flowering stage, the plant eventually stops growing new stems and leaves and starts growing buds. Only female cannabis plants make buds, while male plants make pollen sacs and need to be thrown away immediately. When buds are “ripe” it’s time for harvest.

For biggest yields with CFLs, train plants to grow short and flat using plant training!

Start training when your plants are still young