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growing weed plant in apartment

Growing weed plant in apartment


Grow boxes are usually soundproof but grow tents and closets may need soundproofing to reduce equipment noise from fans, pumps, and other devices.

The consequences of violating a rental agreement may vary by the property manager and state and local law. While you may not get evicted immediately, you may face court appearances or eviction if you continue to engage in this illegal activity.

Grow Box

When growing cannabis indoors, you increase the electricity usage to regulate temperature, humidity, and lighting. Equipment related to cannabis cultivation can cause water damage or become a fire hazard from the grow lights, especially high-intensity bulbs.


Apartments vary in layout, square footage, and height. Choosing the right grow space for your cannabis requires considering various factors. Here are the most common places to grow weed in an apartment and their pros and cons.

Soundproofing Your Grow Space

Let’s start with the most crucial factor to consider before you start growing weed in an apartment. Marijuana users must be familiar with the latest local and state laws, as well as any rental agreement provisions about the home cultivation of cannabis.


Growing weed plant in apartment

Root pruning pots come in various different sizes, although the white ones are probably best for cannabis. They allow for air flow through the roots and keep them growing at a constant pace, although not as intensely as fabric pots.


If the weather is right for it, you can grow you first set of plants at the end of March, taking plenty of care to keep an eye on how cold it gets and if it rains or is too windy. We recommend starting with autoflowering plants, as there are an enormous amount of different auto strains out there that can produce over 200g, and reach up to 300g in some cases. In order to do so, you’ll need plenty of sunlight and growing space as well as an intense feeding schedule. Autoflowering strains take a total of 70 to 90 days to fully mature.

5. Protecting Roots from Heat

The type of flowerpot you’re going to use is something you’ll also need to keep in mind. There are various different types, such as black and white flowerpots, as well as fabric pots and auto-pruning pots for the roots. These are generally the most used pots when growing cannabis.

Autoflowering pots tend to be 18L or 20L at the most, although the size of your pot is going to depend on the amount of space in which you’re going to be growing; if you don’t have much space and/or want discreet plants, we recommend using 7 or 11L flowerpots.

growing weed in apartment

Fabric flowerpots are a great choice; they don’t heat up much and allow your roots to air much more, which increases root growth, which in turn means large yields. However you’ll need to water more frequently, and feed them more often too. You can also transplant straight into the ground while in the flowerpots or into larger pots without needing to remove your fabric pot.

Around the first half of may, if you have enough space to grow in, we recommend starting your second round of autoflowering plants. If you don’t have enough space, you’ll need to hold off and if you weren’t able to germinate earlier due to bad weather, now is the time to do it. Around this date,your first round should be about 4 weeks old, and once the new round is about a month old you’ll be able to harvest and plant again.