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growing weed outside uk

Growing weed outside uk

The process takes around eight months from start to finish, from finding grow sites in February, planting in April, feeding the plants nutrients such as “fish blood and bone, super manure and chicken shit pellets”, to harvesting in September or October. 

They’ve had grow sites near motorway verges and major junctions, near railway lines, quarries, ley-lines between large countryside fields and openings in vast areas of woodland. “The plot needs to give the plants at least six hours of direct sun per day, preferably more. So south facing with a big open sky is ideal. You have to balance being open to let in sun but being hidden enough not to be seen”, says Damo.

But these plants aren’t the battery chicken style tiddlers found growing under indoor lights for quick profits. They are tall, bushy plants averaging 9ft, and sometimes 15ft high, grown using cannabis seeds designed specifically for an English climate that, due to global warming, is growing less English every year. This Spring was the sunniest on record and they had to make weekly forays out to their plots with hundreds of litres of water to stop them drying out.   

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They are part of a rising online community of “guerrilla growers” cultivating cannabis on thousands of secret, open-air sites across the UK. For many it’s a more appealing alternative to growing indoors under artificial lights, or buying weed from a black market tainted by organised crime and exploitation. 

As with indoor grows, some get found by the authorities. This year one of their plots was found by railway security near the Eurostar train track and destroyed by British Transport Police. 

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He says the drones also act as a good cover as to why they're out and about in the first place. “Flying our machines over our beautiful ganja plots and getting stunning footage back, while standing a mile away smoking a spliff and drinking coffee. We love it.” Cannabis seeds are legal to possess in the UK and are easily bought. They use online stores such as the Real Gorilla Seed Company, which specialises in seeds for outdoor grows.  

But it’s not just the police or random members of the public they need to take into account, it’s also “rippers” – professional cannabis plant snatchers who often use drones and Google Maps themselves to hunt down the rising number of illegal outdoor grows popping up across the British countryside. 

Growing weed outside uk

How many cannabis plants can i grow in UK? Unless you have a licence to grow cannabis in the UK, then you can’t legally grow any. Grow your own cannabis in the UK and you are in breach of the law.

The shorter your grow season, the more that autoflower seeds will appeal. Many outdoor cannabis growers in the UK have several grow locations and use a mix of autoflower seeds and feminised seeds. Some northern growers prefer to avoid the risk and worry of photoperiod feminised seeds and grow autoflower seeds instead. Often they will have staggered start dates for their auto plants so they are harvesting gradually throughout the summer.

Day length March 1st: 11 hours
Average temperature: 3–10°C

December is a good month to go scouting for possible new grow plots. The lack of vegetation and leaves make it easier to survey the landscape for possible secure grow locations. It’s also a great month to kick back, relax and enjoy the harvest which should be nicely dried and cured!

How many cannabis plants can i grow in UK?

Many UK outdoor cannabis growers will germinate their cannabis seeds indoors and give them the first few weeks under artificial indoor light, e.g. 18-20 hours per day. They do this regardless of whether the seeds are autoflower seeds or feminised seeds. By giving the seedlings indoor light for the first few weeks the plants get the best possible start and avoid the threats of outdoor weather/pests while they are at their most vulnerable.

The following strain suggestions may be useful for UK growers:

However, if you are growing a few plants outdoors the Police are unlikely to ever be able to link plants to any specific grower. They don’t have the resources for 24 hour surveillance for a small plot of autoflower plants.

What are the best cannabis seeds for the UK climate?

That’s why growing autoflower seeds has become so popular with UK growers. The seeds should always finish in time. Yields from autos may be smaller (than photoperiod strains) but the plants are fast and easy to grow. They also tend to remain short and bushy – ideal for hiding behind bushes, nettles and plant life.

A few weeks of good weather at this time of the year can be the difference between success and failure for crops of outdoor feminised photoperiod strains. Most autoflower strains have already been harvested, but photoperiod outdoor strains will still be building their terpene profile and fattening up the buds.