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growing weed outdoors in minnesota

Growing weed outdoors in minnesota

To obtain a grower license for marijuana in Minnesota is $150. Also, you have to pay $250 to obtain a professor license.

If you get caught with more than 42 grams of weed, then you will have to pay a fine of $200 for the first time. Also, you are caught with more than 1.4 grams of weed in a vehicle then, you will be put behind bars for 90 days.

For the time being, the law is not yet clear regarding the sale of cannabis due to the undefined status of the law. We should have more news in the next few months when the cannabis shoot will be officially launched. Right now, present dispensaries are limited to sell cannabis pills and tinctures to the patients. It is also very important for the patients purchasing marijuana to have proof and certificates.

It is estimated that the new law will allow people to grow 8 marijuana plants. But at present, it is not allowed to grow marijuana for personal or recreational uses. If you are a grower and hold certain certificates and licenses, you can grow marijuana.

Fees for grower license in Minnesota

If you want to do marijuana business in Minnesota, obtain a medical marijuana card is needed. To get a medical marijuana card for selling purposes, you need to follow the below steps.

If you get caught selling marijuana illegally, to a minor or someone else, you have to pay $1,000,000 as a fine. Along with that, you will be put into imprisonment for about 30 years. Also, if you distribute marijuana near school areas or other public places, you will have to spend 15 years in imprisonment with a $100,000 fine.

All states in the US including Minnesota have allowed an individual with 21 years or above to consume marijuana. According to the new bill drafted by lawmakers in Minnesota, the state will allow individuals to possess 1.5 ounces for adults. Also, they will give the right to grow around 8 marijuana plants at their home.

What are the felony charges for selling marijuana illegally in Minnesota?

Growing or consuming marijuana is not legal in Minnesota without recreational and medical purposes. If you get caught, you have to pay a fine that will depend upon the size of marijuana you procure.

As of now, there is still no law about the number of plants that you are allowed to grow in Minnesota. Even if they want to grow marijuana for medical or recreational purposes, they are still not allowed to grow.

Growing weed outdoors in minnesota

The length of time needed to go from seed to harvest varies hugely depending on the strain. This is because genetics can be extremely different depending on the dominant strain, whether it is a hybrid, and whether it is photosensitive or autoflowering. Besides that, the grower’s own behavior can make a difference as well. If you plant earlier in the season, a photosensitive plant will take longer to reach harvest. If you plant later in the season, it will take less time. Of course, this will only work if the plant has been given enough time to properly grow, especially during the vegetation and flowering phases.

Of course, every state has a different climate and/or legal setup for growing cannabis, so it’s important to know what is possible where you live. Read on to learn how to grow outdoor plants in your state.

Growing in pots, in general, makes the process of growing anything easier, since you can move your plants around (between indoors and outdoors) during undesirable weather developments. On top of that, a Pot for Pot also provides the nutrients as well as the best soil for growing cannabis outside. Our simple, easy-to-follow process is literally the best way to grow cannabis outside. This is true whether you are growing for the first time or want to make growing cannabis outside in pots as effortless as growing any other plant.

How Long Does A Cannabis Plant Take To Grow Outside?

The rain in the Northwest can make mold an issue, especially close to harvest time. This makes the complete growing kit from a Pot for Pot so useful. Because every kit includes discounts on some of the best autoflower cannabis for outside grow seeds, it’s not hard to find the best strains for this region. With autoflowering plants, you can harvest before things get too wet and rainy during the impending fall and winter, lowering the risk of mold and mildew.

There are a variety of ways to section the different regions of the United States. For this guide, we’ll break it down into a few of the broader sections to provide a general idea of the country’s climate regions. Since the climates can still vary quite a bit within each region, we’ll sometimes include state-specific details as well.

State by State Guide to Growing Cannabis Outside

Northwestern states, especially Oregon and Washington, have to deal with rain as one of the biggest concerns. The best time to grow cannabis outside here is in early spring, which can be different from year to year, depending on the weather, but primarily meaning March or April. Sometimes May can be a good time to start, depending on how cool the weather has been that year. Keep in mind, autoflowering plants have a shorter growing time, so waiting until the later side is not a bad idea for these strains. This helps ensure good weather and more sunshine from the get-go.

Grow with the Sun

Growing weed outdoors in minnesota

Look for a plot that gets direct sunlight early in the day and filtered sun later in the afternoon. It is also ideal if you can find a place that offers a constant breeze. However, bear in mind that this increases water consumption.

Some Potential Grow Sites for Outdoor Growers

You can use training tools such as screens and ties to ensure the plants grow in a specific shape. You need to prune your plants if you’re concerned about height control; an essential element of low-key growing!


We are assuming that you intend to grow your cannabis plants from seed. In this case, you should germinate indoors during the early spring. In a warmer climate, seeds can start to sprout by early April. If you live in cold weather, this process probably won’t happen until May.