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growing weed outdoors in coco

Growing weed outdoors in coco

Coco coir, or coir, is a natural fibre extracted from the husk of coconut trees and represents 35% of the seed. During decades, it became a major concern in countries like India or Sri Lanka, where the husk of the seeds was piled up creating a perfect environment for the reproduction of insects and rodents. Today, this residue is washed, dehydrated and pressed into bricks, thus getting a cheap, light and efficient growing media.

What is coco coir?

This growing media is also suitable for outdoor crops, achieving similar results than plants grown directly in the ground. If you can only grow in containers, coco coir is an excellent option.

How to water and fertilize cannabis plants with coco coir?

Strains like Black Bomb, Orange Candy / Naranchup, Heaven’s Fruit, Sugar Pop or Amnesika 2.0 are strains that perform much better when grown with coco coir.

Don’t get me wrong I love coco and mix it in with my soil just not by itself.

It’s either lit by the sun or cfls 24 hours a day.

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It’s definitely doable if you have time time and energy to keep it watered consistently.

I was thinking of protecting them from rain water but have read it may not be necessary.


Hey guys. Looking for some advice on an outdoor coco coir grow. To hot inside during the summer so just looking for some personal fun. Is there any special notes with coco outdoors?

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