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growing weed on apartment balcony

Growing weed on apartment balcony

If you’re experienced with pruning and training, you can use larger flowerpots, especially when planting normal seasonal plants.

For cannabis plants to properly develop and produce a decent yield, they need at least 4 hours of direct sunlight and an uninterrupted period of darkness – this means you’ll need to have a balcony with no light contamination at night time such as street lamps or the lighting from your own house. This is generally one of the more complicated issues regarding growing weed in an apartment.

Plastic pots

This is the first two weeks of June and this is when you’ll need to plant your seasonal strains if you’ve chosen to do so. Make sure to grow them discreetly, and make sure you have no light contamination at night.

The type of flowerpot you’re going to use is something you’ll also need to keep in mind. There are various different types, such as black and white flowerpots, as well as fabric pots and auto-pruning pots for the roots. These are generally the most used pots when growing cannabis.

Growing Weed in an Apartment | First Step

You’ll also want to try and avoid the sun directly hitting your flowerpots if they’re dark in color; you can use cardboard, rocks or anything else that you can put around the flowerpot to keep it shaded.

Growing weed on apartment balcony

This encourages the plant to grow more leaves below the cut, pushing it to get bushier instead of taller. Continue to trim your plants regularly throughout the vegetative phase to control their size along the growing process.

The best time to start pruning your plants is after they’re already comfortable in the vegetative stage, where the plant grows its build and structure to hold the buds later.

Things aren’t always perfect in this life, but things not being perfect should never be the reason to stop us from doing anything. Would you stop baking a cake if there’s an ingredient missing? Most would try to find a way to go on.

When storms approach, take care of strong winds, even more if you’re living in heights, which could break your plants’ stems. At the same time, long periods of rains also stress your plants.

6. Train Your Plants And Manipulate Their Size

When it comes to the peak days of summer heat, take into account how ‘thirsty’ your plants might be. They can drink water very fast so try not to forget to water your plants, especially during extremely hot days.

We know choosing soils isn’t exactly easy, especially when they all look quite the same for us. As a general rule, try to go for soils dark in color and with a loose, rich texture.

Growing marijuana on a balcony, for example, is a completely competent option, especially great for those living in a flat in big cities. The main things to check before growing weed on a balcony are:

5. Starting At The Perfect Timing

When your balcony space you’re growing your weed plants in is limited, or if you need to keep the operation low-key for some reason, then applying some training methods on your plants to keep their size small and controlled is the answer.

Beware of any chances of your soil becoming supersaturated with water by pulling your plant inside, when possible, in case of storms. No one wants to come home and find their plants with mold or bud rot, so make everything in your reach to avoid this.